On a hot day in August of 96, I went to a church’s ice-cream social. I met a fabulously cute boy named Michael. Seven years and two landscape architecture degrees later, that boy put a ring on my finger. Five months later we bought a house and got married on the beach. Three and a half years later we welcomed a beautiful little girl named Ella Kate on New Years Eve (07) and little Addison Grace joined us in June of 2011. We also have a black cat named Antioch who joined this motley crew in 2000… Fast forward a few years: we have had an amazing life watching Ella Kate and Big Tiny grow from babies to two amazing little girls! Running around after Michael and all his racing adventures…needless to say 2014 was a year we never saw coming! In May 14 we lost ole Antioch and 6 months later we adopted Moonpie, our tuxedo cat. Then came the game changer in December, we decided we needed a change of scenery! In February 2015 we both quit our jobs, sold the house in two weeks…and Michael started work in Asheville, NC where we are building a house! At the end of June 2015 our little family of 4 was reunited in the mountains, making one of our biggest dreams come true!


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