Alive and…


I could try and catch this thing up, but I don’t have a lot of time on my hands these days! So I will just try and give you and run down.

Everything is in full swing and then some.

The girls LOVE the new school. Ella Kate can’t believe how much different it is from her old school. She is so excited to go, and Addison is too. Addison has her first field trip on the 15th and they are going to Stepp Apple Orchard in Hendersonville. Ella Kate has one coming up in October but it hasn’t been announced as to where they are going. They have their first progress report coming home later this week. Since this is a year round school, and they have been going for a while, their fall break is earlier than normal. My parents are coming up and I think we are going to Outer Banks for a few days.

We are out of town every weekend in September. The first weekend we went camping in Pisgah. This past weekend we were actually home, but Michael was in Salt Lake City pacing our friend James who just completed the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning. Four hundred mile races: Western States, Vermont, Leadville, and Wasatch Front 100 all done in 11 weeks. Crazy. This coming weekend we are going to a group camp in Pisgah called Cove Creek with a bunch of friends. Its secluded and you have to make reservations way in advance. There will be plenty to do! I believe it has its own waterslide/waterfall. Ella Kate will be pumped if it isn’t too cold. The weekend after that we are headed to Savannah for a family reunion and will be meeting my parents back that Sunday for the girls fall break. Then it will be October! Holy mess!

Ella Kate started violin backup and she also tested for her Green Belt and got it. It was a 2 hour test and she rocked it! This past Sunday she also received her own bible at church. She hasn’t put it down yet. She also has a class to go to every Sunday for a bible study. She was so excited when I picked her up last night. The first class was a get to know you class and they made bookmarks for their new bibles. She was beyond thrilled last Friday when I picked her up from coding club…she has made a group of friends! I have been working with her and trying to teach her how to make friends. It all started with me suggesting she bring in a jump rope for recess. Now she has 4 little friends, 2 from her class that have formed a club! Big step for EK as she is a shy little girl. She also was the first in her class to receive a Champion Pin for excellent behavior!

Addison is still loving karate, she has earned one red stripe on her white belt. I don’t ever really know what to think of Addison, she has a huge imagination and I never know what to believe. She is a character. But she has been coming home with stars for behavior so surely she is doing something right!

Michael position at Snow Creek has changed, well he still has all his previous job description, he has added more work to it. He is also doing estimates and designs now. He is suppose to be getting a raise, but we have yet to see it.

Me…well I have set up camp in the van running after kids and Michael. I go to the Y 6 days a week and work out after dropping the kids off. I am working on this business of mine, we just finished a job about 2 weeks ago. We are about to advertise seeding to our neighbors and see if we can pick up some yards for that. Our insurance agent is a house flipper and we have two upcoming jobs with that as well. We are giving our church an estimate on drainage in the courtyard so hopefully we can do that as well. I somehow got drafted to be on the board of trustees for our church. I have my first two meetings tonight and I have no idea what I am actually going to be doing. The first one is with the preschool which I didn’t really want to do but gave in. The second one is for the church. So we shall see!

On top of all of the above, Wednesday night church has started back. The girls are thrilled and we love it as well. This week we are responsible for setting up/cleaning up/ and bringing desert.

The fair is also in town this week and since our weekends are packed we are taking the girls Thursday night as it is our only free night. The girls can’t wait to get their hands on a funnel cake. We are hoping Addison has grown a little and can ride a few more rides. So we shall see!

That about sums it up.

Green Belt!!



This one here might grow bigger than her mama. 8 1/2 years old.


Carpool shenanigans.


Lazy day sitting in a river!


While Michael was in Utah, we headed to Spartanburg, SC..for one purpose only. Hotdog combo. Kidding…well it is a highlight. We went to COSTCO!


and came home with 100 gel pens! The girls spent about 5 hours playing with these Sunday.


More car shenanigans. See, we live in the van.


James finishing Wasatch Front 100, the final leg of the Slam.


Camping crazy people. Look at EK’s face!


Reading the call to worship at church yesterday. I didn’t even have to push her up there!


Receiving her coveted Bible.




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