Throwin Down!

Complete and total craziness has gone down…the girls were home for almost 1 1/2 weeks in July and then we met my parents halfway and they took them down to Orange Beach and to their house for another week. I picked them back up last Sunday. And wam bam, thanks to the heavens above, the girls are back in school! No I am not going crazy cause they are both in school, I mean, they got into the charter school I wanted them to!

Addison got in about 2 weeks ago, I was so excited, but then not cause EK hadn’t been offered a spot. I pondered and pondered and tried to figure out what to do. Invest Collegiate Imagine is the school I wanted them to get into. After I found out that they were so far down on the wait lest for ICI I put them in the lottery for a brand new school in Fletcher called Fern Leaf, and both of their numbers were drawn. So we were excited for that as well. At least we were out of Avery’s Creek!

After speaking with my neighbor and a lady from church I had made the decision to wait until Friday, August 5 to semi decline Addison’s position. I got my computer out to type up the email saying I couldn’t do two schools for a year, especially because ICI is a year round school, more on that later. As soon as I opened my laptop, my phone rang. It was 12:30 on Friday…Ella Kate was in! All around excitement from all, prayers answered.

BUT…school started MONDAY!! I had to rush up to the school and fill out all the paperwork, get the low down on everything from supplies, teachers, medicines, carpool, and uniforms. They require uniforms at this school. Luckily the girls were out of town so I busted it and got all the supplies and a couple of days of uniforms. Saturday Michael and I worked super hard on the deck we are building, more on that later. Sunday I left super early to get the girls and get them home and ready for school. That was a gnarly weekend.

So! Addison started Kindergarten and Ella Kate third grade. Both came home with raging smiles. EK said she loved the school! They have had a ball this week. Ella Kate is excited because they are also teaching Spanish as well! Addison had no trouble at all, she walked in, put her stuff up, and dominated some blocks.

As I mentioned before, ICI is a year round school. So the schedule looks something like this, fall break last week of September. Out from Thanksgiving – New Years. Off two weeks for spring break. Out from late June-early August. They also have several half days and every Wednesday is a late start.

So its been a huge exciting week for us, well mainly us girls!

Back it up about a month…I went to Memphis to pick them up and visit for about a week, and man was it hot! We pool jumped from house to house to keep cool!




Made muffins or cookies!


EK riding my old banana seat bike!


Visited with great Aunt Judy.


Went to Music on the Square.


Put flowers in our hair!



And got some air!



More on July and school starting in a bit!

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