Mother’s Day 2016

Happy Mother’s Day to all ya’ll! (Post was delayed…obvs.)

We had a very eventful weekend. A few months ago Michael dropped the bomb that he signed up for a race on May 8th not knowing it was Mother’s Day. So we celebrated all weekend, which we would have done anyways.

Friday we played outside all afternoon and Michael and Ella Kate played violin and guitar together, Addison danced and played master chef with a Frisbee dirt, mulch, grass, and leaves.

Saturday Michael went running in the morning while we went to TRX and swim lessons at the Y. We got home and Michael was installing our landscaping. I put the girls down for some rest time and cleaned the house. We both got finished and cleaned up and we went to Pack’s Tavern so I got murder a hamburger steak with blue cheese/onion gravy, mashed potatoes, and ceasar salad. I think it might be my favorite thing to eat ever. Then we headed on over to see the Asheville Tourists when their baseball game! We got home around 9:45 and all were exhausted.

Michael bailed early Sunday and the girls slept in. When they got up we loaded up and headed to Ihop to eat breakfast. They always want waffles or pancakes and we, or I decided I ain’t cookin! They each had funny face chocolate chip pancakes. I ordered biscuits and gravy which comes with 4 biscuits!! I ate almost 2 and left the others.

After Ihop we headed to Target and Lowes to walk around because I didn’t realize that Aldi didn’t open till 10 on Sundays. This was the first church service we had skipped in a while! We got our groceries and headed home. We played outside all day and Michael got home and we hung some planters and moved one more bolder into the bed. We grilled steaks, corn, zucchini and mowed it down and went to bed!







Photo below by Ella Kate.


We spend so much time at our YMCA that EK got chosen for kid of the month for Mar for the big kids!


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