Sam Knob Hike

After quite an adventurous week without the girls, we were glad to get them back on Saturday!! They had a great time in Memphis with Mimi and Papa! They made some robots, went to Discovery Park in Union City (?), saw Zootopia, went to playgrounds, had some sleepovers with AC, road bikes, and ate donuts…twice! We haven’t found any good donut stores here yet! None around us at least.

Wednesday Michael and I went  to REI and hung out there for a few hours. We looked at tents, sleeping bags, and a backpack for me. We just needed to feel the weight of a tent that was similar to the one we wanted to get. I had been looking at packs on the internet and had pretty much decided on an Osprey Aura 50 AG Women’s pack. But when we got there and I started trying them on, I went with a Dueter ACT Lite 45 + 10 Pack. It just felt great, and natural. The Osprey actually came in last because it felt like some sort of contraption on my waist. Like something you would wear at a theme park to keep you in a ride. So after I decided on the Dueter, we weighted it up. We put 15 pounds in it and I walked all over the store for about 30 minutes, up and down the stairs. It felt good, and the 15 pounds wasn’t too bad at all. I told Michael that I could probably handle 20, but it would depend on my dern hiker’s knee. Then we looked at the sleeping bags and decided on Kelty Cosmic Down 20 Sleeping Bags. Super light and waterproof all over, whereas some ultra-light bags are just waterproof on parts of the bottom. Mine is barney-ass purple. I was going to get the same one as Michael’s, which is my favorite color, aqua, but the women’s weighed 6oz. less. So purple it is. We also got a super deal on our tent as well. We watched you tube videos, asked friends about their tents, and read a ton of reviews. We decided on a Nemo Galaxi 2 Tent. It is Birch leaf green and I think we will like it. It weighs about 4 pounds. All of the above gear including the backpack weigh less than our North Face tent we have currently. That thing might weigh 15 lbs. if not more! So we now have gear for backpacking, for when the girls are in Memphis and for when we go car camping as our North Face tent is getting cramped. We are hoping one day the kids will be able to backpack with us. I think EK would have no problem, but Addison has a ton of growing to do! All they would need to carry is their sleeping bags, maybe a tent, and light clothes. We would carry the rest. Anyways, super pumped about that!

Thursday night we headed to the Grey Eagle to see Joe Purdy play. It was fantastic! We had a ton of fun! Friday we headed down to Green Man to check out the newer part of the brewery, which was amazing! These places aren’t just dives…they are out of this world type buildings. We will have to take the kids to see it as well. They have this huge sand table with rocks to make cairn formations. If you don’t know what a cairn is, click on the link. We see them throughout our hikes, usually if you see one you add one to it. After Green Man we headed back home and hung out with all our neighbors!




Then Saturday Michael and I left to go meet my parents halfway! It was good to see everyone! We had missed those little faces!

Sunday after church we decided to go on a hike to Sam Knob off the Parkway. This section was open, but there were still HUGE icicles on the north face of the mtns. We ended up making it a 5 mile hike, up the mountain (6045′) then back down to Flat Creek. That trail was a little wet. Both girls and Michael ended up with wet feet. So we discussed the disadvantages of having wet feet with miles to go. Ella Kate just walked through a river (crazy kid),  I had put the sticks down to turn around and help her and she just boom, jumped in. But anyway, no one got blisters. My feet stayed dry the whole time. Addison semi lost it when we were about 200 yards from the car. It was a little late in the day when we started it and I could tell when she got her sleepy eyes within 200 yards of the car! Easter suckers cheered them up on this hike…my kids love candy, so we take breaks and they get to eat junk food!


Top of Sam Knob!





It was super windy on this side, but once we got in the forest, it warmed up a bit!




200 yards to go!



The reason we got a late start to our hike, Michael made a huge narble tunnel (Addison’s word for marble). The cat also loved it!


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