Not much to report. Now that the house is finally settled, we have landed into a pretty steady routine. We haven’t ventured out much in the mountains. Its been pretty cold and the girls aren’t real big fans of hiking in the cold. So we have been sticking close to home and our various activities.

Ella Kate made straight A’s and E’s on her report card. Addison, well, she is Addison! Her favorite thing about school is crafting. The girl loves to craft something up. Her “people” are starting to take shape with arms and legs. I still can’t believe her little self will be in kindergarten next year. We went to EK’s school last year to pick her up and I told Addison that she was going to go there (maybe) next year…she replied, “What on earth am I going to do here?” Ha! I said maybe above because we have entered their names into a lottery for a charter school here. It has rave reviews…and Addison might have a good chance of getting in, being in kindergarten. That would help Ella Kate get in if she does, because siblings can get in that way as well. Its a k-12 school and they have bought land to build a school. Kicker is its a year round school which I think would be great for them. They have long stretches off. They are off from Thanksgiving till the New Year and then a 2 week break in March-April and then a bigger stretch in the summer. The only downside I see to this is if I try and get a job…then I have the girls off at random times.

Speaking of getting a job. I interviewed with Michael’s company two times and they wanted to hire me. They told me the pay and we did the math on our insurance. We would go up a bracket in insurance and by the time you factor in Ella Kate’s asthma meds I would take home $50. So we decided it wasn’t worth it, just for 3 hours a day. I have never turned down a job and would have really liked to take it, but the girls insurance is great right now. If EK didn’t have asthma I would take it, but that would mean $200 inhaler and $100 singulair.

So I am at a crossroads in my life. I feel bad for not bringing in any money. I am trying to get Michael to help me come up with a name for a company and try and do some freelance work again. Every name I come up with Michael will shoot it down. I might work on my resume and send it to some landscape companies to see if they need any drafting work or design work done. I miss working, I really like to work, plus bringing in money is always good!

So since we have settled into a routine, I started back at the YMCA…and am totally addicted to a class I am taking…trx, suspension training….I FREAKING LOVE IT. I’ve only been going since maybe the second week in January and boy I have noticed a HUGE change. It is HARD too! Today might have been the hardest class yet. We did 200 squats, 40 pike ups, I don’t know how many pullups, curls, and whatever else we call them. We also had to do 50 burpees in between sets. Woof. I walked out of the Y and my legs were already shaky. I have been sore everyday since I started the class! Bummer is the class is only offered 3 times a week and I sign up for everyone and get in…there is a huge wait list now! I am going to order one for the house too. Out of all the workouts that I have ever done, and I’ve done a bunch…this one is just outstanding! So I really look forward to those three days! I have alarms set for when I can sign up for the class to make sure I get a spot. If you have an opportunity to take it…do it! I go to the Y 6 days a week…three for trx, one for athletic conditioning, and the other is step and pump (aerobics with weights). At the last athletic conditioning class I pushed a girl (twice my size) down. We were grabbing a ball together and were told to lunge and push…she said “Wow, your strong!” I think it surprised us both!


We are so looking forward to spring! We can’t wait to go camping, hiking, and exploring! The girls got real sleeping bags for Christmas and can’t wait to test them out…and their hiking sticks! We did go a few weeks ago and hiked maybe a half mile and Addison didn’t like the mud…it had rained hard the day before and I was by myself trying to maneuver two girls and myself around mud and full creeks. Michael was running ahead of us. We got radios for Christmas and were wanting to test them out…they did fine until Michael went on the other side of the mountain. So I radioed and told him we were out. We went to the van and ate chips and warmed up. But they did like the sticks…they just need a little experience with how to use them to get around things.




It didn’t help that it started misting as soon as we set foot on the trail. Ella Kate went home without pants because she fell in mud. She thought that was a hoot. Their dumb mom still hasn’t learned to bring an extra set of clothes when we go out. I don’t know how many times they have come home wet or muddy without clothes on.

I haven’t written about Christmas or Ella Kate’s birthday…will try and get on that, our trip through the gorge was EPIC! We gave Ella Kate a rainbow loom for her birthday. I taught her how to do them and she has bracelets all over our house!


First one she made!


Followed by all these!

UntitledWe have a HUGE weekend this week. Addison has a big Valentine’s Day party at school. Ella Kate doesn’t. This school isn’t in to parties and stuff like that. So we are having a party at our house with the girls. I got them light up rings, heart shaped red glasses, crafts, ice cream cones for ice cream, heart shaped valentines, and some other fun stuff. Friday night Addison’s school is having a parents night out. So Michael and I are taking them to that and going to 131 Main which is a fancy restaurant…not so much for Valentine’s Day because we don’t really or have we ever celebrated it. Saturday we are going to hear the Asheville Symphony Orchestra practice. Ella Kate’s teacher has invited her students and family to watch. Saturday night we are getting together with the Dodds and our friends from Ohio who we haven’t seen in a year or two! Sunday we have church and then we are taking the girls to see Kung Fu Panda 3 thanks to Mimi and Papa (girl’s valentine’s day present) and then Sunday night back to church for a class on becoming a member at Skyland. We tried to join in December and they talked to us and asked if we would be interested in taking the class and we said sure, why not!

That’s about it folks!

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