And the waiting continues

All I can say is that one day…hopefully this week, we will have our keys. More on that later.

Yesterday both my girls had Thanksgiving feasts at their schools. We got notification of Addison’s first, so it was on the calendar for both of us to go. Then last week EK came home with her Thanksgiving feast the same day, and 10 minutes earlier. So we put our names in a hat and they drew who would go to where. Ella Kate drew Michael and Addison got me.

So I went to Addison’s and they all came out wearing pilgrim hats, Indian hats, and turkey hats. They sang two songs and we sat down to your typical preschool Thanksgiving feast!

Lining up to sing and dance!

Pilgrim Hat!

Addison “The Carb Loader,  I don’t like this string on my hat” Poole

Ella Kate definitely had the better lunch! At least there are veggies on her tray. I also busted her with chocolate milk! She said it was soooo good!


I forgot to take a selfie with Addison. Whoops!!

So after our Thanksgiving Feasts we headed to pick up EK and to the house to do our walk through…the only things we could see right off was a drawer pull missing in the kitchen, a hole that needed to be filled in our closet, and the light switch plates in the girls bathroom. Everything else looked pretty good to us. The hardwood floors need to be cleaned better.

Finished living room. The walls are gray, they look greenish in these pictures.

Addison’s room, hardwood floors throughout cause carpet is just gross (and asthmatic).

Finished kitchen. I can’t wait to get my hands on that oven. We are super pumped about it!

Girls finished bathroom, plates missing.

Finished front porch with red door.

So what’s next? Well if the damn appraiser ever decides to make an appointment to get our final appraisal, the loan takes 24 hours to flip from construction to mortgage. So waiting on him. The realtor called him the same day we set up our walk-through which was last week and he still hasn’t called back.

So what does that mean? We have no idea when we will get the keys. Our lock rate is good till 11/21, Saturday. SO he better get his ass on the phone. Yup we are slightly miffed about it. Two houses are waiting on him so they can be released. The lender and the realtor are all over it. So hopefully we will get keys Friday. If not, it might be next week…so what does that mean if that happens…we would probably be driving in Thursday or Friday, packing Saturday, and leaving Sunday. Michael was concerned about eating Thanksgiving and I told him that isn’t a priority right now. We HAVE to be out of the apartment by 12/1. We HAVE to move all of our stuff that weekend because the following weekend is Ella Kate’s belt test, Polar Express, and our dear friend’s birthday. The weekend after that is Ella Kate’s violin recital…and the weekend after that, the girls and I will be home for Christmas. So yup…that’s what we got going on…one dramatic thing after the other!


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