8 Months

Yes friends, building a 1500 sq. ft. house takes 8 months to build in the mountains. Mountain life is somewhat slower than big city life. People move slower, traffic is slower, building a house is slower. Who knew it would take that long!

November 21 isn’t a definite date. All we know is that we are close, and the more we go past that day, the more money we will owe. Isn’t that fun! I don’t even know what will happen is we go over the contracted date of 11/30. So no plans can be made as far as Thanksgiving and moving. If we don’t get the house the 21 we don’t want to go back to back to Memphis. So we might not be in town for Thanksgiving which stinks…but our friends have invited us over. So it might be we move the last week of November. Who knows…only time will tell!

I did some math this morning and figured we only had 19 days left in between coming back from Thanksgiving or moving and Christmas. I told the girls that we might not be getting a real tree this year. When we get back with a truck, it will just be complete and total chaos. We have three little 4′ Christmas trees that we will probably get out. The girls each have their own, and I have a s’more tree. I collect S’more ornaments, that’s about it!

But, yesterday our fridge and oven were delivered without flaw. I met the builder as well and went over a few things. He said to push back the lock date one more week past the 21st just to be sure. I told our lender and she said to wait 10 days and we will go from there. It has been super stressful over this lock and spending extra money that we didn’t want to spend…but what can we do! Anyway, the dishwasher and microwave will be delivered today. All the inspections go down tomorrow. Then its just a matter of getting it done. The girls toilet is in as well as their light fixtures. Our toilet and light fixtures aren’t in yet. Final coat of paint is being applied. Still haven’t painted fireplace, installed water heater, a/c, stairs to deck and back, paint deck, outside light fixture, stone around capstone, numbers, and sidewalk. I was talking to the Lowe’s guy yesterday and he was asking when we would move in…and I told him and I said I don’t think we will make the 11/21 cut off date. He said he thought the same thing when he built his house and then boom they got it together. I am not sure about ours though…seems like we have been at this stage for weeks now. So only time will tell!

Looking into kitchen, bar, pendant lights.

Kitchen prior to fridge and oven. I am going to be putting up a back splash and under cabinet lighting shortly…facebook monies!

Ella Kate’s room…I thought they were getting fans, those will come later. Michael said they probably don’t need them, but I really like being cold while sleeping!

Girl’s vanity and toilet. I called it a commode yesterday and Addison fell out on the floor laughing at that word. She knows toilet or potty.

Vanity with light.

Our vanities.

Shower. While speaking with the builder yesterday, he asked if we liked his $1500 mistake…and I said Oh yes, but we are spending that money saved on our lock rate! So everyone looses!

I asked about this…due to code they have to have access above garage. So it will be easy to put in the stairs to access it. It will be a long set of steps cause our garage is super tall!

Oven in…well not flush on the wall, they left it out so they can hook up the gas.

Fridge in…super glad we went with counter depth instead of full size…that thing would have stuck out and looked ridiculous! It sticks out maybe 2″ but its not that noticeable.


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