The House.

Oh the house. Its so almost finished. We had flash lights for Halloween and after we finished in our neighborhood we looked in our windows. All faucets, fixtures, light switches, outlets are in. The air conditioner and water heater are in the garage. The only thing the house lacks to us is air vents and returns, painting the fireplace, and the decorative piece under the bar, painting the front door, touch up paint, light fixture outside, house numbers, stairs to the porch, and a good cleaning.

The oven came in yesterday, and should be delivered tomorrow. I am going over there to sign off. We had our lock rate expire which is going to cost us a good chunk of change. The builder will have to sign off on the new date…which 11/21. So hopefully they can get it done. I hope so because if this one expires, then we might owe more money. So close though! I am hoping to take some more pictures tomorrow.

The builder will have us do a walk through and then the lender should flip our construction loan into a mortgage…we are praying that everything goes as smooth as possible. No surprises!

On a different note, we took the girls to a traditional Methodist service Sunday, complete with communion. We like this service better, but the time is at 10:55 and we don’t like going in the middle of the day! But I think we might stick with it. So communion…and Addison. Addison was all about the bread, the preacher handed her a piece and she ate it…she refused the grape juice, so I drank hers. Addison asked if that was all the bread she got…I said yes. When we got back to the pew, she asked if that was lunch…and why did I drink that blood. Good times. We taught Ella Kate how to read a hymnal. Its been a long time since we have been to a service like that…Hope Pres was just so different!

We are going to be joining soon, not next week…its a big money week next week. So maybe the weekend of my birthday…if we aren’t camping. We were planning to be in the house in sleeping bags!

I interviewed with Snow Creek (Michael’s company) yesterday. All went well and they are just figuring out the formalities, computer and desk basically. I will be working in the maintenance department pretty much doing whatever they want me to do. He said with my skill level and many years in the field there is potential for me to work all over the place. It will hopefully become a full time job next fall when Addison gets herself in school. So for now I am looking at working 3.75 hours a day…I also told them that the last several years at Adsit I worked from home…so we might work something out like part time in office and at home. So that is good news for us! As we are burning through cash monies with the house, rent, and now this loan lock thing!

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