Things my kids say.

This post is more for me…and the girls when they start to read this blog o mine.

I am not sure how long Addison has been saying this, but it has been years and she still says it:

Next Later: Tomorrow
Last Later: Yesterday (Love these two and I often can’t remember the second one!)
Narble: Marble
Mice: Lice (for the letter we get every school year)

Things Ella Kate has learned while living in North Carolina:

Radio: I forgot my phone one day on the way to school and turned on the radio…Ella Kate asked “MOM, What is this? Who are these people talking?” Had to explain the radio to them. Also similar to having to explain live tv vs. DVR. We cut the cord last December and now they just turn on the Roku and find the show they want. They also learned what bunny ears are for the TV.

Groundhog: The first week we were here, we were driving to Sam’s I think…and there were groundhogs running around and standing on the side of the road. Ella Kate said. “MOM!!! LOOK AT THOSE ANIMALS! WHAT ARE THEY?!?” I told her they were groundhogs and she said I thought they only came out for one day in February. So had to explain that to her. There is one groundhog that is always standing outside his hole on the way to school. We say hey to him when we see him! They are all over!

Telephone Book: I can’t remember where we were, but they had heard a real telephone ring and asked what that way and I explained it. They hardly ever hear phones ring because Michael and I keep ours on vibrate. Yesterday when we got in from school, there was a yellow bag with a phone book in it. We got them all the time in Arlington, and I immediately put them in the recycling. Ella Kate picked it up and asked what it was and I told her…she said “OH AWESOME! CAN I HAVE IT??” Sure bookworm, knock yourself out.

So she sat down and started reading. She said oh this thing is awesome! It is so full of information and phone numbers…”Can I bring it in the car?” She hasn’t let go of it except for to sleep!

She also collects brochures. When we moved here I was gathering a good bit of them and she would too, which was fine…but she never stopped! We had brochures everywhere. I told her she had to quit. Asheville is full of brochures with it being a tourist destination. So now she runs up to them and looks them over and grabs one and I yell NO!! At Lowes last weekend we were looking at the color charts for epoxying the garage floor and she tried to grab one and hide it…Michael and I both yelled NO! Addison calls her a bloody brochure…one brochure gave her a paper cut, and she loves brochures…hence that nickname! KIDS!!

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