Second Saturday rained all day long. ALL DAY. No fun being cooped up 4 wide in a 1 bedroom apartment with no break from little people. The weekend before we got all that rain all weekend. Luckily it was just Saturday this past weekend. Friday the Dodds had Patrick’s sister and brother in law in town and we headed over the their house to hang out for a few hours. Saturday we woke up and printed out our Lowes coupon and grabbed our gift cards and headed to Lowe’s to buy a fridge and stove. We hit the big sale they had last weekend and saved a ton of money! We also had the 10% off coupon from our realtor and we had a $200 gift card from credit card points. So we did pretty well!

We spent way much more on an oven than we wanted too, but we wanted to because our house is on the lower end of price range in our neighborhood…so we wanted to pimp that out. It has a double oven with 5 burners. The one in the middle is a long burner and you can change out with a flat griddle and a grill. So that is pretty neat. We were going to do a French door fridge but I had too many things I wanted which was counter depth and fingerprintless stainless. I couldn’t find one. So we went with a side by side. I don’t want to battle fingerprints on that thing every day. Weirdly enough the cat likes to stand up and stretch on things like walls, cabinets, and fridges…so she would also add to that! After we got everything ordered, the girls wanted to check out Halloween and Christmas decor so I sent them with Michael as I had just saw fridges on clearance. They had the same fridge that was returned because of the size on clearance for $800. So we went back and switched fridges…saving us another $400. Boom.

After Lowe’s we headed to REI where they had their bi-annual garage sale for members only. We actually stopped by before Lowes but the line was a mile long and it was raining…nope! So we went on in and checked it out. REI has a great return policy…you buy product and use it and later if you decide you don’t like it, you can return it…then they save it for these garage sales. Michael found a new pair of work boots that had been worn once, declared to big, and returned. Probably $150 pair of shoes for $50!

We headed back to the apartment and watched movies and ate spaghetti!

Sunday we went to church and then came back home and changed and headed to Moore Cove Falls. It is one of the few walk behind waterfalls in NC. It was a short hike about 1.5 miles round trip…we weren’t sure of trail conditions with all that rain. It was a little muddy but not bad.

The BRP was a littly nutty with all the “Leaf Lookers” but I enjoyed it as this is our first fall here. It was incredible! In the past Michael and I go camping for my birthday and drive through either east TN or through Arkansas…but being Mid-November all the leaves are either off trees or it is late for fall color. But wow! The colors are amazing and after this weekend….it should be even better! It is cold this week, this weekend we have a chance for a first frost!


Had to throw a kid in there for scale.



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