House update.

Nope still no close out date (insert slap on head now). But I did receive several emails from one of the realtors about mailboxes, HOA’s, and other random info…so I replied back and asked if he had any idea when we would get the house. Surely they can give me something…anything…first part of November, mid November…or you ain’t getting the house till 11/30 as stated on the contract. Takes 7 months to build a 1500 sq.ft. house. No. Argh.

But…Fireplace stone is in, bathroom vanities are in. We have measured all our drawers for the plastic liners. Going to work on that in all my free time so when we move in we can just put them in the drawers and cabinets.

Girls Bathroom.

Our Bathroom.

Fireplace stone. The mantle will be painted white.

They were working on the final paint and will have to touch up the baseboards…good to know I am not the only one that has paint leak through taped baseboards. Counter-tops should be in next week. Still have a ways to go. All could be done in a week! TBC…

And I got an email back and the realtor out there is meeting with the builder next week for an updated timeline for our house. The countertops are the last big thing. As mentioned, those should be in next week. So hopefully we will have either a date or some sort of window! I did find out that we are getting mail in our box and it is full. They didn’t tell me to come get a key! We don’t have mailboxes, we have a little station where all our boxes are. I am trying to set up a time to get at least one key!

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