The House.

Not much to report on the house. All the doors and door trim are up. The trim for the walls is laying on the garage floor. We saw two pieces of hardwood laying out on the floor. We emailed our landscape plan to the builder Sunday. We are waiting to hear back from them about installing a sleeve for the driveway and sidewalk for future irrigation/lighting systems. I really don’t think we will need an irrigation systems as it doesn’t get that hot here except for maybe a month. But we will have fescue which does take a little water to get established. We will be seeding and sodding at the correct time of year for fescue, so we should be okay. We are also waiting to hear back about a CO (close out date) for when we take the house over. We will have to have the landscaping installed before we take over and we told them we are going out of town for a week and would like to know it as we don’t want to hold them up. We are acting as a subcontractor for that part. So if I haven’t heard anything by tomorrow night, I will harass them again.

Addison’s closet.

Our closet.
Garage storage. The molding on the garage floor is either baseboards or crown molding.

September 11, 2015 Addison and I saw a rainbow coming out of our driveway.

To say I am getting anxious about our house being finished is an understatement. Now that Addison is in school I literally have not much to do. So I am slowly starting to loose it here in apartment land. But I do at least know we will be in our house before Thanksgiving. This has been a hard year on me and I am just in need of something to do to occupy my time. So TBC!

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