Addison’s First Day of Pre-K

After almost 3 1/2 months of summer, Addison finally started her last year of pre-school. WOOOOO She was so very excited. Mimi had made her a special shirt for the first day of school. She was very excited to be sporting her crayon shirt. There is a ramp that comes down to the door and every day she runs down it to school and up it to the car. Winter, the white hamster is in class as well as a fish…can’t get the name out of her though. She is able to tell me more about her day. Each day every kid has a different job. Yesterday she was the star passer outer. The day before she was the blessing starter. They are currently working on the letter B. I am hoping 5 days a week gives her a jump on kindergarten. That one just doesn’t really care yet. Although she has been enthusiastic about learning since starting school.




Getting so big and turning into a big girl. Although we are still rocking our 24 month capri pants. I got out Ella Kate’s 3T jeans and they fall off of her. So we went jeans shopping and the ones with the elastic waist just fall off. So we landed at Old Navy yesterday and ended up with 3T with the elastic pull things…I pulled them all the way to the last button and they sort of fit. They won’t fall off. She said she liked them so we shall see. They have a snap button that she isn’t able to maneuver so I told her just to pull them up and down. Skinny little thing.

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