New Activities, Old Activities.

Last Wednesday Ella Kate went to her first violin lesson with her new teacher, Ms. Emily. She teaches a little bit different from her old teacher. So we’ve had a few tears over the way she holds the violin, it will take some getting use to. She likes to look at her violin and down at her music, so she puts the violin in front instead of on the side. New teacher wants it on the side. But she is glad to be back playing violin.


We try and ride bikes at the apartment…we quit the other day…about every 2 or 3 minutes I have to holler at them to get out of the road. So boo, one more thing to hate about the apartment. I really have no idea how people actually consider living in these places. Can’t wait for the house…please be ready by Halloween. Sure don’t want to trick or treat in the dern apartment.



My view from my piyo/athletic conditioning classes at the YMCA.


And Moonpie perched.

Last Friday we went to Addison’s new school to meet the teacher. Everyday she has to trace her name on the sheet to sign in. She did a pretty good job!

She thinks she is looking at the camera. Fail.

And our first school project for parents, excuse me, kids. We have a book character parade coming up on the Friday we are in Utah. Take a guess as to what she is suppose to be dressed as….

Fancy Nancy.
We aren’t complete yet, need to add a bunch of necklaces, bracelets, and hopefully some crazy earrings. It was the easiest thing we could come up with. But, unfortunately, all of our Fancy Nancy books are in storage. So we will have to check one out of the library. Oddly enough, Target and Walmart don’t have their Halloween costumes out yet, I thought usually they did. So I keep checking to see if they have anything to add or make better, but haven’t found anything yet.

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