House news.

As I mentioned yesterday, I emailed the liaison about an update on when the house would be finished…and actually got a reply this time. She said they are measuring and ordering the cabinets and counter-tops and whenever those come in, they could give us a better date of when it would be finished. So that is fun. She said they would be ordering soon…I don’t think it would take long for them to get in, they aren’t custom or anything. In fact, I went to Home Depot to look at finishes and style when I got back to Memphis. So I think they just have to measure and order…only thing that is special is that they are the 42″ cabinets and you have to order them because they aren’t stock in Home Depot. So hopefully in a couple of weeks we will have a better idea of when we actually get the house. Yeehaw!

Ella Kate is so excited, she told me Friday that they were allowed to keep a water bottle at their desks throughout the day. So yesterday after school we went to REI to get her a purple Hydroflask. These bottles are the bomb! I was hooked on the Swell bottles but something inside of them kept coming loose and rattled in the bottle, plus you had to use skinny ice to put ice in it. Then I found hydroflask…these are way better than swell, hands down. They are stainless steel double vacuumed water bottles. They keep ice for days…it says 24 hours, but its longer than that. I haven’t put hot drinks in it because I don’t drink coffee or anything hot. I got Michael one for father’s day and he loves it. Anyway, REI didn’t have purple…so I called around and Diamond Brand was fully stocked with them! So we got her a purple 21 oz. hydroflask. We filled it up this morning and she was so excited to take it to school. She also left her lunch box at school so she took a plastic bag today…and her hydroflask was to be used all day, lunch, and snack. We also had a big lesson in keeping up with our things and making sure we bring them home each day!

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