First Day Report

From Ella Kate, because she pays attention to detail:

After you left me in my classroom I played with blocks stationed at our desk. I made a castle with a draw bridge and we waited on everyone to arrive. Did you know that they serve breakfast at school for free Mom? Yes Ella Kate I read that on the website but mom isn’t a fan of processed sugary junk food nor do I want to wake you up earlier to be at school earlier. Oh okay. After we played blocks we went over a few rules…rules of the classroom, hallway, bathroom, lunchroom, and school. Then we all got our supplies and sorted through them and got part of them organized. Then we had a question and answer session with our teacher…I found out she is married, has brown curly hair like you, and she likes cats and the color blue. Then we went outside and played on the playground. Me – Did you play with anyone on the playground? No I didn’t play with anyone, just myself…and I fell down a bunch off the balance beam at the big playground. Then we went to lunch and I made a new friend. Me – Did you ask her her name (working on this for years). Yes, her name is Kylee. She was fun. Then we went back to the classroom and we went over more rules and procedures. Ooooh Mom, this year, at my new school we will have snack all year long (we call EK chips cause she is the queen of eating and snacks and always wakes up wanting to know what we are having for breakfast, lunch, and dinner) so we need to pack a snack everyday. Or they have free ones that I could eat as well. Me – What type of snack because you know we don’t eat processed sugary junk food for snack right. EK – I am not sure…okay we will pack a healthy one for you tomorrow. Then the teacher talked about the different stations in the classroom. She asked me what I thought was the most interesting thing in the classroom and I said the Social Studies and Science boards. Mom what’s Science? Insert rambling about Science here (she hasn’t been introduced to Science yet). Then my teacher gave me a sticker that said car rider…I stuffed my lunch box in my backpack and left the room when they called car riders. Then I waited in the cafeteria till they called my name and then you picked me up. Oh mom did you know that they have little round seats for everyone at the cafeteria tables, Nope I sure didn’t (they had benches at AES.) Good stuff. She has done that since she started preschool. She told me what she did play by play, day by day.

View from carpool line…that’s the soccer field and playground in the foreground…the mountains behind are Pisgah National Forest. Her school is surrounded by Pisgah.

Here is what I get from Addison…”Addison, what did you do today at school?”…”I don’t know!” Hoping she can tell me more this year. That girl.

We have been roughing it in the apartment for almost two months now. We have been making it by with limited kitchen utensils and gadgets. I had been in the apartment for a week and didn’t even notice that there was no microwave. In Arlington, we finally moved it into the garage because we never used it. We reheat everything on the stove, or little toaster oven. So I told Michael that our new house was coming with a microwave over the gas stove. I asked if we should just leave it out and we agreed yes, so I contacted the builder. He said if we were to do that, then they would have to move the stove over next to the fridge…which would look super weird in the kitchen layout. I am not sure why he would have to do that. But either way, we just decided to leave it. Otherwise we would have almost two huge areas of free counter-top…and then bam oven and fridge. I don’t like ovens next to fridges because of all the spatter. So whatevs. We will have a microwave.

We went out to eat this past weekend with Scott… and Michael and I were fancied to be eating with actual silverware. We have been using plastic forks, knives, and spoons and washing them in the dishwasher. We have one butcher knife and one pairing knife, a cutting board, 2 spoons, 2 pots, 1 strainer, 1 bowl, and 1 large and 1 small iron skillets. I bought plastic plates for us to start using at the new house. I have been wanting to change all our plates out for white squarish plates, but I haven’t found any that I like. I think food looks so much better on white plates. I also bought them with the intention of getting rid of all the baby plates. Which I will do when we get all our stuff. I keep saying to Michael I wish I had known what I know of our house and I would have got rid of so much more stuff. That Arlington Resale page was the bomb diggity. I could sell anything on that bad boy! I didn’t have much luck with the Collierville Resale pages. I am hoping to take a good bit of stuff to my parents house and try and sell it when we sort through the storage units. I am planning on having a huge garage sale when we do move in. Too much stuff. I am glad our Christmas tree wasn’t working right after we bought it last year…I am going to look for a tall and skinny tree. It’s amazing how much I have changed this year…very minimalist, which I am grateful for. Too much stuff. Everyone in our family has too much stuff, minus Moonpie.

Anyways…headed to the library after school today!

One thought on “First Day Report

  1. Ugh! We have too much stuff too! Will's birthday is coming up and I'm going to tell family not to get him anything – just come on over for some cake to celebrate! And for Christmas, last year we did the 4 gift thing (want, need, wear, read) and we plan on doing that again this year. I hate toys! Dare I say, we even have too many books. We don't have a place to put them all. Though, I am a book addict and I keep buying them more, hoping they will develop a love of reading.

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