Meet the Teacher and First Day of Second Grade!

Yesterday we painted finger nails and toe nails to get ready for the big first day! Here is the pose I normally get from Addison…a cheese and wandering eyes. Look at Moonpie though, she nailed it.


After some hair fixing and dresses we hit the road to Avery’s Creek Elementary. They painted their poles like pencils…how fun!


We brought in most of EK’s supplies, met the teacher and teacher’s assistant, filled out a ton of paperwork (again) and EK and Addison got to tour the room, which is big. There are around 20 kids in her class. I didn’t realize this about the school, but there is a small mexican population, so I was a little overwhelmed with that…but turns out they have classes designed especially for them.

Traditional front door picture…was hoping it would be at our house. We will do a redo when we get to move in! But we did take the Blue Ridge Parkway to school today so we wouldn’t get stopped by all the schools. So that was fun!

First Day of 2nd Grade!!

Update on the house…we drove by yesterday per Addison’s request…plywood is up and we can’t see through the house. I showed it to Michael and we are thinking it is for extra insulation? Not sure. Can’t wait to see it Sunday!


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