Over the weekend…

Happy Monday and Happy first day of school for all the Memphis kids. Ella Kate is going to the dr. tomorrow for another well checkup…this is our 3rd or 4th well visit for both kids this year as we have changed insurance I don’t know how many times. Next Tuesday is the teacher meet and greet. She is beyond excited to start 2nd grade. The girl loves school. She loves learning and being around teachers and kids her age.

Friday was low key. Michael got home from work and we ate dinner and watched movies. We also made plans to hike down to Douglass Falls off of Craggy Gardens on the BRP. It was going to be a 6 mile hike. So Saturday we woke up and got ready to head to the store as we were out of sandwich and trail type food.

Totally off topic…but I have a new favorite grocery store. Aldis. I had been in one in Memphis…just to look around. That was it though because it was far from Arlington and the area that I frequented for shopping. I am on a few AVL facebook sites were moms were raving about the aldis here. So we went and checked it out. Super cheap…and they had a plethora of oragnics to choose from. Also their produce was from North Carolina mainly…and the rest USA. So that made me happy. We are on a tight budget and are only spending $50 a week to feed our family. But with Aldis I stay under budget…the most I have spent was $40. So that is totally doable.

So we got back from Aldis and I made sandwiches and snacks for us, packed the cooler, gathered gear and kids and we hit the BRP to meet Michael at Craggy Gardens. We got all packed up and headed for the trail head…Michael had said the hike would be 6 miles, which we know the girls can do…but the trail head said 8…which I think would push them too hard. So we decided not to do that with them, insert sad faces here because they wanted to play in the waterfall. So we took another trail that was 1.5 miles long and ate lunch under a big tree. Then we decided to head to the pinnacle at Craggy…which was about another 2 miles. The enjoyed the view as it gives you 365 degrees of the Blue Ridge Mountains. We got back to the van and they still wanted to see a waterfall. When you head north from out house there aren’t really many waterfalls that direction besides Douglass Falls and the Setrock Creek Falls where we went last weekend. So I said how about we head back to the apartment and swim for the rest of the day. Game on. We came back and swam for 2 hours and got cleaned up, grilled some chicken wings, and watched a movie. Done!

It is fun being way up in the clouds! Road down below is the Parkway.


“Mama, I’m gonna ride this log!”

Sunday we decided to check out a church. We decided to try Skyland United Methodist Church. This is where Addison will start preschool in September. We were looking for a church near our house, and one that offers early services. This one started at 9:25 which works for us. We liked it. It is totally different from Hope Pres though…Hope is HUGE…with so many people. We have been members there for years and still haven’t met any of the preachers. We quit going for a while because Michael wanted to find a different church. He likes smaller churches where you actually know everyone at the church and the preachers. So I told him he was in charge of finding another church, but being a man…never did. So we went back to Hope. So now that we have moved we can church around. But the congregation was super friendly, and young…with a ton of kids our kids ages. So I think we will be heading back. The girls liked it, but they did miss the donuts at church. We went to the 8:00 service at Hope and they had a donut buffet. So we told them after church we would head to Ingles and get them a donut. Addison was also excited because she got to get a peek at her preschool. This is also where EK will take violin, whenever we hear back from them.

Lazy Sunday.

After church we were completely lazy and watched some shows, took naps, read books. The Dodds invited us over for burgers so we headed over that way to eat dinner with them! We were tuckered out and all asleep by 8:00. EK slept in till 8:30 today…she has NEVER done that! Maybe she is having a growth spurt? She is getting so big…her face has changed this year, it is slimming up…her little chubby cheeks are so slender!

We forgot to head to the house yesterday to look inside. I did drive by Thursday…all the HVAC is in and the cedar columns are up!


This weekend we will be crewing for Scott and Michael. Our friend Scott (Memphis runner), is coming here to train in the mountains. He is also doing the Bear 100 in September and wanted to get in some mountain work. He gets here Friday so we are going to show them around. Then Saturday I am meeting them in 3 spots I think…and will pick them up at the top of Mt. Mitchell. If they feel good then we will show him around some more Saturday and Sunday!

That’s about all! I am looking at EK’s school supplies to see what we are missing. We couldn’t find some of the stuff when we went shopping.

One thought on “Over the weekend…

  1. Goodness! The closest store to my house is Aldi. I do love the prices, but mine doesn't have a lot of organics. A few things here and there. I can't believe you can do $50 a week!!! That's crazy low! I don't think I could swing that. We buy as much organic as possible, from Target/Costco/Kroger (usually) so I spend way more than $50 a week!

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