Waterfall Hoppin

Michael got to leave work early on Friday so after he came home and got ready we headed to one of his employees mom’s house to eat pizza. We had a good time and the girls came home with some loot. They have an 11 year old girl who was cleaning out some of her old stuff…they came home with stuffed animals, bags, and an assortment of other randomness. We had to leave to go see Patrick play…but this happened…


Yikes! Flat tire. So Michael changed the flat and the girls learned a new definition for donut.

Then we headed to Highland Brewing…totally awesome place! We didn’t go inside of it but the amphitheater is super cool. They had food trucks and twinkle lights. There was a ton of kids, people brought chairs and picnic blankets. They have live music Friday and Saturday nights from 6-9. Will definitely be going back! Ella Kate and Addison had a fine time…running around, chasing fireflys. Addison had her second dinner. Ella Kate had a sprite. They loved it all!

Saturday we had to go take care of the tire. They were able to repair it, but apparently I will need some new tires in the fall. “Mom, take our picture by these tires.”

After the tire place we headed to Triple Falls in DuPont State Forest. As I mentioned earlier, The Hunger Games was filmed in NC. You can now take Hunger Game tours of all the locations. We saw on the news last night that district 12 is up for sale. Henry River Mill Village is for sale for $1.4 million. Anyways, the trail wasn’t what we expected, Michael and I mentioned how we semi felt we were at an amusement park. It is very well maintained, crushed limestone, areas with rope. This will be a great place to bring people who aren’t seasoned hikers. Its relatively flat, and only about a mile long. Oh forgot to mention that you will see Hunger Games fans…one girl in the bathroom was dressed as Katniss…crazy. There was a big group of them, luckily they headed a different direction.

So we headed to the falls! Amazing. Three huge waterfalls! We checked them all out, pulled up a rock and ate lunch staring at waterfalls. Then the girls got down to it and started swimming. Ella Kate had fun sliding down rocks on a small fall. Addison some how got stung by something in the armpit. Michael crushed up an aspirin and put it on her. She felt good. Also now know that both of my kids aren’t allergic to bee stings. People were laying down on part of a rock, so I am assuming that is were Peta camo’d himself to blend in to the rocks.

Then I looked up and saw a black cloud. Yikes. Michael checked the radar and said he didn’t see anything. So he decided to go run. We played in the falls for about 30 more minutes, and I heard thunder. So I got them out and dressed and we headed up to the pavilion which was packed. I couldn’t check my phone as it doesn’t work. So we decided to head to the car. About 5 minutes in, bottom fell out. Addison and I had fun walking in the rain, EK not so much. She was cold. Weird thing is they have always wanted to play in the rain…guess they changed their mind? We made it to the visitors center, soaked and got cleaned up in the van and waited on Michael to arrive.

All had fun minus EK and the rain!

On the way home we stopped by the house…it was still raining…and I wanted to go check out the drainage in the backyard. So I ran in and took some pictures of the pooling in the backyard and also checked out the showers and tubs…most of the plumbing is stubbed. HVAC stuff was all over the place, so they are about to start that, and part of the house is painted as well. Yay!

Today we are headed to Bent Creek Gap to pick up Michael from his long run…taking naps and heading to Black Mountain to look at maps and check out the Trail Head restaurant.

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