Wednesday we didn’t do all too much. We have finished all of our to do lists that we had when we got in to town. Swim lessons won’t start till September so we are going to wait and join the Y late August. Plus we have the pool here at the apartment, although cold, but the kids don’t care. Wednesday we hung out at the house all day. The girls were super bored when Addison woke up from her nap…so we got in the car and headed to Walmart and Michaels and spent $20 on craft supplies: stickers, Mr. Sketch washable smelly markers (huge hit, but nearly blew our budget), sketch books, and construction paper, ruler, stamps and stamp pads…They have been crafting up a storm.

Yesterday I took them to the library to return some books and get a few more. Then we headed to downtown Asheville to walk around and eat lunch. Our first stop was the visitor’s center…huge hit as my kids love brochures…wall to wall brochures. I picked some up, Ella Kate picked the same ones up, I put mine back down. They also had trolley tours, but they were going to be $$ so we opted to park and walk around!

We stopped at Diamond Brand first and walked around. It is an outdoors store. I wasn’t too impressed, but it was small so they didn’t have a ton of stuff. I like going to outdoor stores and being completely overwhelmed with stuff! The Seattle REI…hands down does the best job at that! Then we went to Mast General Store. The littles love this store! They have antiques, candy, toys, old timey toys, kitchen gear, willow trees, and clothes for every family member. The downstairs section has all outdoor gear, outerwear, and seasonal items. We spent about an hour here. We left with sling shots made out of tree branches and a bag of popcorn!


Big Iron for the Flat Iron Building.

After that store, we went in and out of little boutiques and toy stores. We landed at The Bier Garden for lunch…the girls dined on chicken fingers and I got a chicken club sandwich which was mmmm good!

We went to a bookstore and headed back to Mast General store to get a bucket of candy for desert. Then we went home, napped, and woke up and played with the sling shots! Scary…but will be fun for camping!

Pie, always sleeping on my face.

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