Super yucky lazy day.

It started raining late Monday night and rained all the way till 1:00 yesterday and then blue skies and then it started raining again around 4. So we didn’t do much yesterday. We played games, colored, read, watched a few shows…then I had to get out of the house! We went to chick fil a, which was apparently dress like a cow day…so decided not to go in and play on the playground…kids dressed as cows all over. So we got it to go and ran by the house to see what was going on. I got an email Monday that the siding and shakes have arrived and were being installed this week. They finished the roof over the weekend. Coming along. Keep it rolling! I wasn’t expecting to see anyone working on the house as it was raining, but ours was the only one being worked on!

The house will be a grayish color with a burnt red door. The area above the garage and porch will be cedar shakes, and the post on the columns will be cedar. The bottom part of the columns will stacked field stone.

Addison markering up a storm!

EK crafting up a book.

and Pie, hanging out in a bag.

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