Lazy Day at the Apt

Yesterday was a lazy day. Got caught up on the laundry and cleaning. It takes about 30 minutes to clean this place…

Speaking of this place…the apt. Here is our current living situation…

Kitchen and Dining

Living room and the wall of fun. Notice the lamps…shadeless, shades are still in Memphis.

One bathroom

Doorway looking in. Michael and EK reading Ramona.

Dining + makeshift pantry lower left.

The room of mattresses + Addison. I sleep on the far wall, then the cat, Michael, EK, and Addison in her bed. We had our bed put together but we needed about another 2″ to make their mattresses fit, so we took it apart.

Closet door, nightstand, and Moonpie,

From dining, looking in living.

So there is our little shack. The above picture also shows our makeshift coffee table, the Yeti. We have a good bit of fun here. As long as the girls just don’t throw toys all over creation, then its plenty of room! We put the girls to bed and it usually takes about 30 minutes to an hour for them to settle down. They LOVE it. We have to go in there 2 or 3 times, and by the third time start threatening some little people and they go to sleep. We do have two loud sleepers, the cat and Addison. The cat moans. She has stop sleeping by my face for now. Whichever way I was facing she would get right in my face, then I would roll over and she would move again. Then she moans. Very crazy. Addison talks in her sleep. Sometimes she just says no, no, no….sometimes she says sentences and sometimes she kind of cries. Wild.

Today we are heading to the house to check it out…the exterior walls are going up!

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