Friday Shenanigans

Last week we went and got a library card and we were only able to check out 2 books total with the new card. We went back to the library yesterday and returned the books and I asked how many we could check out at a time. FIFTY. Fifty books at a time. Ella Kate’s eyes got so big. I immediately said no. My kids are like kids in a candy shop when it comes to libraries. They flip out and go crazy looking at books. I told them they could get 8 each, which turned into 10 each. So we left with 21 books. I checked out a hiking book for WNC. Fifty books. Whew.

After we left the library I took them to the Blue Ridge Parkway Visitor center in Asheville. Michael and I went there my first Sunday I was in town to look for a 30 hikes in Asheville map. They have some interactive activities, information boards, maps, artifacts, a theater, and a gift shop. Of course the gift shop was the favorite…but Ella Kate liked reading about how the mountains were formed, the animals, and for some reason…Chestnut trees and the chestnuts. They also watched the 20 minutes film about the parkway. One section had white water rafting and both littles are very interested in white water rafting, and asked if we could do it. I told them Addison needs to be older, and also needs to swim as well as EK!


After naps we headed to sonic for Happy Hour and then we went to Black Mountain. They have an old-timey type downtown with a hardware store, toy store, boutiques, candy stores, cupcake shop, running store, outdoor store etc. They also have a little restaurant I checked out called Trail Head. My favorite was the outdoor store called Take a Hike, and I think I have found a map for our new house. I am taking a frame that housed a beach picture for years and putting a map of the Blue Ridge Mtns in it. Then taking a dry erase marker and writing on it with places we have been, want to go, dates etc. Michael was very enthusiastic about it! But I didn’t have time to search through them to find the one we want. So next weekend we are going to go back there and look at them and eat at the little restaurant. Michael has only been to Black Mtn to run and for work.

We headed home and waited on Michael to get finished running. We then loaded up and headed to Asheville Pizza. They have really good pizza and of course brews. The North location has a game room on the bottom floor. We ate pizza and played some games! Michael is now the highest score for Miss Pacman. Ha! They also had 8 screen and 1 huge movie screen to play movies on. We watched part of Lego movie too. Needless to say, huge hit with the girls. They also got bouncy balls with the claw game.

We finished up there and went to our friend Gwen’s house. Thy haven’t met the girls yet and I haven’t seen them since I was here in March! It was good to see everyone and everyone loved EK and A who were FULL of energy from the pizza place!

Weekend plans for now including meeting Michael at Mt. Pisgah to hike to a waterfall for swimming, grilling…and the chances are high for tubing down the French Broad tomorrow!

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