Second Grade!!

We did it! I called ahead to make sure that someone was going to be in the office so I could register Ella Kate…and we are now officially registered for second grade! She got to walk around the school and peeked in a classroom. They looked over her report card and she will be placed into a classroom. They asked about her personality, if she would like a male or female teacher and I said female…and that she will be one of the best student’s they’ve ever had. Ella Kate is a people pleaser, specifically a teacher pleaser. She is quiet, she does exactly what is expected of her. Both her teachers from Arlington said that they wished they had more students like her. Hopefully that will continue! The lady said she should probably be placed in the gifted class since she made all A’s last year. They are requesting her record and I told her that she is almost on a 4th grade reading level. So we shall see! But Ella Kate is very excited! We got the second grade supply list and Ella Kate wanted to go get her supplies…so off to Walmart we went!


I have hated Walmart my entire life…its trashy and gross and I despise it. When I first got to Asheville and Michael took me to Ingles, which is our Kroger here, I didn’t buy much. I was looking at prices and doing some mental notes. The following day I went to Walmart by our apt. It was nice, it was clean, it was a smaller one. The prices are cheaper. I told Michael, and said I would probably be doing most of the shopping there, plus meats etc from Sams Club. We have decided not to stock-pile as much stuff since our house is smaller…and we need to use part of our garage for our “outdoor section” – tents, gear, maybe one day a kayak or paddle board.

And then. Then it really happened. I went to the Walmart by our house. It was amazing. It was like I had never step foot in one. It was so clean, so organized, and the biggest one I have EVER been to. I was in awe. We went to the bathroom because we were there for two hours. The bathroom had granite counter-tops and flower decorations on the wall, it was impeccable! All the clothes, everything was organized! I texted Michael and told him I just had the most amazing Walmart experience in my entire life. I want to take my parents there the next time they visit. If you’ve been to Memphis Walmarts then you know how gross and disorganized they are. And then when we left, the huge backdrop of mountains behind it. I laughed! I will get a picture of it next time we go! I can’t believe I am going to say this…but it put’s target to SHAME!!

Anyway enough rambling about Walmart.

Oh before we went to Walmart, we stopped by the house. The roof, the roof, the roof is going on!! They also had 3 boxes of stone for the columns! Woowoo!!

We came home and I put Addison to bed. Ella Kate has been practicing her math facts again. Today we used UNO cards. Later Michael and I will teach her how to actually play UNO!

Then we went to Ella Kate’s last free trial for karate, I am thinking we are going to be making the commitment soon!

Weekend plans are brewing…I know what is on the top of the list Asheville Pizza/Brewery and Tubing on the French Broad!

We are also thinking about our friend James Holland, he is running the Hard Rock 100 today! He has 48 hours to finish, it has been raining and he has heard there is around 2 miles of thigh high mud, followed by a long stretch of snow. Michael was going to go with him to pace, but we moved, and they couldn’t train together. 

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