Pool Side

Well yesterday we went to Ella Kate’s school to get her registered, but when we arrived there was a sign on the door that said meeting at the district from 8:15-1:00…bummer. EK was bummed. So we are going to call up there this morning and see if they will be there. I called the day before and they said their summer hours were 7:30-3:00. So try try again.


After we left the school, we ran to Old Navy and got Ella Kate some light jackets for hiking/camping and these cooler nights.

We came home and ate lunch and after I put Addison down for a nap, Ella Kate and I worked on her math facts and reading.

We are experiencing our first Asheville “heat wave” with temps as high as 88, we decided to go to the pool. There was a nice breeze, the water was semi chilly, but Ella Kate dove right on in. They swam for a few hours and we had to get ready to go to Karate. Ella Kate really likes this karate school, so I am thinking we might be sticking with it. They fight a little more like “street fighting” if you will. She is learning take down moves. There is also a little more ground fighting which is sort of like jiu-jitsu. So we shall see. They said they will get her caught up pretty quick, and she is a quick learner.

We also went to the playground here at the apt., not much of one, but they have a see-saw. The girls have never played on one of those!

Alright! So today my flickr uploader and TV are against me! Flickr is uploading to the blog crazy, and I can’t justify pictures…and my tv won’t cooperate with me!

UPDATE: Because I just spent 30 minutes researching why my photos had the flickr label on it…I found out that they updated that overnight to have all pictures that are uploaded to social media sites will be embedded.  Not a fan! So then I had to figure out what to delete in the html code to make the embedded part disappear. Then go back and delete two lines of code on each photo to get rid of it and be able to center it. A lot of people are complaining about it, so hopefully they will have an opt out option. I just wanted them centered! And the batteries needed changing on the remote…so starting to win a little here! Ah, back to blogging, changes all over!

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