Look at me go! Two days in a row!!

Yesterday Michael called and asked if we wanted to go hiking while he ran his 6 miles. He, as of yesterday, just began training for the Bear 100 in Logan, Utah, late September. I haven’t decided if I am going or not, because money is tight with me not working. He has saved up a good chunk and I have been selling stuff on facebook for almost a year (made around $2300)…but my cash is off limits for that, that’s for house stuff, buying the girls beds, paint, other random things we need.

So after karate yesterday, we met him at the APT and fed the girls dinner and put on our hiking shoes and headed out. Addison has never had any hiking boots, we tried to get her some when my parents where in town, but REI didn’t have her size. So yesterday morning we stopped at the Frugal Backpacker and picked some out that were on sale. Boy, was she excited. So excited that she didn’t even hold my hand for most of the hike. She even ran with Ella Kate! She kept saying these shoes are great! Look at me hiking fast! Sometimes new shoes do that to you! So we hiked around 2 miles, 1 mile out and 1 mile back. I need to get them those bear bells. I would hate for us to encounter a bear while Michael isn’t with us. Plus they would love having a jingle bell around them. The Mountains to Sea Trail, which starts in the Smokies at Clingman’s Dome and finishes at Jockey’s Ridge on Outer Banks.

I am hoping to keep this little section of internets updated as we have moved away from family and friends…I had a few friends ask me to keep them updated with what we are doing…so here is my attempt. We have a lot of free time on our hands. This will be the LONGEST SUMMER ever for Ella Kate and Addison. Arlington gets out late May and Asheville Starts late August. I realized yesterday that Addison doesn’t start till after Labor Day!! Whoa!


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