June 27, 2015

The rest of the Pooles moved to Asheville, NC.

I am just going to start where we are, life has been crazy with preparing for the move and getting everything and everyone ready for this…I roll my eyes at thinking about trying to get the blog caught up. I haven’t forgot it, but I haven’t had one iota of time for it either.


We got back from the beach and then game on…I was busy with packing, organizing, paperwork, all sorts of shenanigans going on! Michael arrived late night Thursday night (technically Friday morning)…and we woke up and visited with the girls and then we went and got the rental truck and returned the rental car. We headed to the storage room and got rid of some furniture and furniture that we were giving to people. It was hot in there…and the further you got back in the storage units, the less oxygen there was. So we grabbed what we could which almost filled a 16′ truck. We headed back to the house and loaded all of our clothes, toys, and boxes that we had stored at my parent’s house. I had packed the van the night before with all breakables that I didn’t want in the truck. We worked all day and finished around 2 in the afternoon. We fell into the pool and took showers and went to eat at Molly’s with Michael’s family.


Saturday we woke up early and packed the remaining suitcases and boxes and hit the road for Asheville around 7:15. I had made the front seat available for Moonpie with her litter, pillow, and blanket…but she chose to ride on top of my purse which was on a box, apparently she wanted to look out the window. She slept a good bit of the trip and finally climbed into her carrier and hung out there for the remainder of the trip.

We arrived in Asheville around 3:00 and we started to unload things into the apartment. Our friend Patrick came over and helped us as well. When it was all done, we were done. We went over to their house to visit and left and came home and mowed down a pizza. Sunday we got the internet connected and we did some rearranging of boxes and bins. After that we decided to go see the house. It is coming along nicely! Addison’s room is tiny! I am going to be getting rid of more furniture, decorative stuff, and christmas stuff! Fine with me! We will know more once we figure out how big the pulldown attic opening is, and how much storage there is. But we are so excited for the house! The apartment is fine, its clean and small, I think 600sq. ft.? We have all our mattresses lined up in a row and the futon is pulled out from the wall with 2 rows of boxes and bins! Its temporary!

After we left the house we went on an impromptu hike off the blue ridge highway to see an overlook on top of Asheville…we were both wearing flips flops (not ideal at all)…but the view was amazing!!

We picked up the trailblazer from the rental car place and dropped it off and headed to the movies to see Jurassic World. It was good, I had my hands on my face the whole time. After that we went to the grocery store and headed in for dinner! The next week we lived it up!

Monday I got my drivers license and tags…that night we went to Packs Tavern…mowed down a hamburger steak smothered in blue cheese and onions…super good! Then we headed to burial brewery for a dinner beer, complete with donut hole! Then we went home!

My parents arrived Tuesday with the girls, I got the apartment ready for them and the kid groceries bought. We met them at Farmburger for dinner, it was pretty good, but we have had better! I met them the next morning and showed them the house, schools, REI, outlets, Michael’s work etc. We ate at the Moose cafe for lunch, oh the food! It was crazy! Meat and three as my mom called it. We really liked it! For dinner we headed to Tupelo Honey and headed back to the apartment to say goodbye. It was our first night with the girls. They were very excited about sleeping in the room with the wall of beds and seeing a chunk of their toys again.

Thursday night we went to the Asheville Tourists baseball game, girls loved it of course because they got to eat crazy food and drink sprite!

Michael was off Friday, so we went to the bank and opened our new account. Then we decided to go on a hike to see a waterfall. The girls LOVED it! They wanted to know why they didn’t wear their swimsuits…I didn’t know! My first time too. Addison loved throwing rocks in the water, EK loved wadding in it, she fell a few times and got soaked. We hung out there for a couple of hours and Michael and I decided to try and go camping that night. So we left and we called a few places to see if they had any availability and we found one spot at Mt. Pisgah. The drive there was amazing…and so close! Pisgah national forest is right at our back door. We set up camp and it drizzled on and off. The girls love camping, running around collecting sticks, rocks, flowers, glow sticks. They were curious about the bear box that was at our site! We are definitely in bear country! We went to bed fairly late and woke up to rain hitting the tent in the early morning. When we woke up it wasn’t raining, so we packed up and headed to the trail head. We were hiking to the summit of Mt. Pisgah. It took us about 2 hours and it was pretty strenuous. We had two meltdowns on the way up, but as soon as we reached the top, all was good again. The view was incredible, we were higher than clouds! Unfortunately it was cloudy so we couldn’t see off one side.

We headed back to the car and headed home. Michael made pancakes and bacon and we all took 3 hour naps. We woke up and got ready to go see Patrick play with his new band at New Belgium. It was great fun and even though it drizzled a good bit, the girls had fun. There was a bouncy house, hula hoops, and some yard games for everyone. After that we headed back to the Dodds to visit with people and we were able to see a few fireworks from their deck!

Sunday was a pajama day. We slept in…rearranged the apartment again, cleaned it, put up all our outdoor gear and took another long nap! We took the girls to the playground and played and then came home and made dinner!

Yesterday we tried a karate place for the first time, Ella Kate said she liked it…so we are going again this week.

Today we need to do some light shopping, Addison doesn’t have any hiking shoes and Ella Kate doesn’t have a light jacket. It was in the 50s at Mt. Pisgah.

Oh, the weather, beautiful! Completely different from Memphis. It isn’t humid, it hasn’t been hot. There have been many days that it felt like fall. Cool breezes, chilly nights. Our a/c was out Saturday and Sunday but it wasn’t a big deal because it wasn’t hot! We checked out the pool at the apartment and the water has been chilly!

I can’t believe we are living in the mountains…and all the outdoor activity is amazing! We have already planned a labor day camping trip to Linville Falls, and all of this is in our backyard! But, we have realized that we need to make camping reservations in advance because this place is busy! The girls have adapted nicely. Addison keeps asking when we are going to go to another mountain.

I took them to the library and got library cards, we are joining the YMCA this week as well, they have the indoor swimming pool and offer swimming lessons, which Addison needs. The French Broad River runs all through Asheville and you can go tubing, paddle boarding, kayaking, canoeing. So she needs to learn to swim! We are wanting to go tubing asap!

Moonpie had a rough first night, she took the cake when she barfed on my back while I was asleep. But after that, she is back to normal.

So that was our first week in the MOUNTAINS!

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