Segunda Parte

So the house…tiny. We are going from 2,300 sq. ft. to 1,500. I started selling off furniture while I was in Arlington. The rest is in storage, waiting to see more of the house and see what we need to get rid of. I am actually very excited about getting rid of things. Luckily the girls are in the stage where toys aren’t outrageously big anymore. One thing we did have to get rid of was our trampoline, when I told EK she boohooed. The yard is almost a zero lot line, and not flat. So it had to go. But their is a new YMCA about 10 minutes away with lots of kids activities and a big indoor swimming pool with slides. So she was excited about that. I am not sure if she was more upset over not having the trampoline, or the fact that her birthday present went away. Erica and Chris bought the trampoline from us, so we can jump over there when we come in town. Going through that house made me realize how much useless junk we had laying around…so when we move in the house, I am going to go through everything once again…and if we don’t use it..its gone. I have signed Addison up at a preschool near by, she will be going 5 days a week for 9-1. I think she will do well going 5 days a week, she needs it…she doesn’t have the desire to learn like big sister does.

Anyway, I brought the girls back to the house to see Michael…all were excited. But we had work to do. So we started busting it. Ella Kate had started coughing Thursday night…and it was a little worse Friday. She had a slight wheeze. We worked all day and went to Mezcal for mexican and ritas, by then Ella Kate had a pretty good wheeze. I called the Dr. to see if he could call in more steroids, no go. So we went home to spend the last night in our house. I was up every two hours with Ella Kate giving her albuterol. It was bad. Her oxygen wasn’t that bad though so I wasn’t that concerned. We woke up and had to be at the truck rental place at 8:00 to get the truck. We were going to go get donuts on the way home, but I was going to try and get EK into the Dr. to get her checked out…again. We were able to get an appt. at 9:20, and we and friends and family coming to our house at 9 to help us move. So Michael went back to the house and I took the girls to the Dr. My mom met us there to get Addison. The plan was for her to take both girls to her house so we could get moved. Well at the Dr. Ella Kate was unresponsive to the albuterol. They gave her 4 back to back treatments and she just wasn’t loosening up. So off to the ER we went. Tears. Not what we needed health-wise, money-wise, or time-wise. We were hoping we would only be there a couple of hours to get her back on track…oh hell no, we were admitted. Fantastic. Best day ever. I stayed with Ella Kate until all the paperwork and plans had been set. Meanwhile Michael was moving stuff all by himself and didn’t know what he was really suppose to be doing with everything. I was finally able to break away around 1:00 and headed to the house. Most everything was gone. So I started cleaning and going through the remaining things. We also had to complete several things on our punch list for closing…replacing siding clips, painting here and there and replacing a gutter strap. We finally finished everything at 8:30 and left to go to Michael’s parents house to drop off the boat. Then we returned the truck and headed to my parent’s house to shower because we were filthy. Neither one of us had eaten all day. We got cleaned up, ate, and headed to the hospital. This went down as the worst day ever. On top of that, we had one large piece of furniture, the piano, that we had to get rid of. I tried to sell it, no hits….I tried to give it away for free, but people were so wishy washy. I finally posted it on my facebook page that we were desperate to get rid of it. It has been a thorn on my side since Michael brought it home. One of our friends tagged a guy who came over to our house while Patrick was on the Voice…and he loved it. He said if we wanted to get rid of it, to call him. I had forgotten about that and I got his number and he wanted it. But the kicker was we were still in the hospital, Michael was leaving at 5:00 in the morning and we had to figure out a way to get it moved. This thing is a BEAST! The guy called several moving companies, but it was Sunday and most were closed, so we had to wait till Monday to figure anything out. I was scheduled to close on the house at 9:30 Tuesday so it all had to be gone. We set up Monday at 8:30…and by 8:45 the piano was gone, Addison got to say good-bye to the house, and we were off to preschool and closing. Whew. I did it. We made it. What a freaking week.

We were released from the hospital around 12:00. Michael had left early that morning to head back to Asheville. I got Ella Kate home and situated and had to head back to the house to get what was left. Michael only got to see Addison for maybe 12 hours…he decided to come back in town for Easter so he could see more of them.

So far the builders have graded the lot and staked it. We finally have closing papers and close on the house on Monday, April 27…we closed on our first house on April 29, 11 years ago…and I also found out I was pregnant with Ella Kate that same day, 8 years ago. Apparently April is a big month for us at times. Once we close, construction really begins. In the contract they have till November 30th to finish it. But they have been building in about 3-4 months. We sure are hoping for 3…I am not sure what the next step will be if we can’t get in by August. I have looked around for an apartment to get us through, but most are wanting a year lease. No go. I told Michael this week that we might be living at a park if we can’t get in before school. So here’s hoping they can bust it out!

We have spent the better part of April adjusting. I am putting major miles on the van…and burning through gas like water. Some days I drive back and forth to Arlington two times, other days once.

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