20 Weeks.

No, not pregnant…although that’s how we did announce little Addison to the world. 20 Week ago since our lives have changed forever. Some days I am just driving along and really really can’t believe all that has happened. Never saw it coming. Deep breath. Its still a fresh wound, but healing nicely. We have realized that most everything in our life has never gone according to plan…nothing seemed to line up the way WE thought it should.

We made the decision. HE made the rest. We have definitely seen a higher power work in our lives these past months. This was MEANT to be. We made the decision, and things weirdly just fell into place. We went out to eat with Michael’s boss in Asheville and on the way home I was uncontrollably laughing. Laughing because the way everything that has been played has never been this easy. Knock on wood…which I have been daily….so here we go…life in review, with no pictures yet.

We sold our house in two weeks, to the first people who saw it. We showed our house for a week and a half straight, and we got two offers…one of them kinda okay, and one just stupid. Then we got the snow…and ice. We didn’t show for a week straight. I kept thinking about the first offer…and whether or not we should have accepted it. The houses in our area are tricky…we had three across the street from us going to rental companies, we knew there was a possibility of that happening…we had a feeling that we had done way too much to our house to get all of it back…houses were selling for under 150K-220K…all over the charts. So that whole week of no shows…everyday I questioned myself, but never mentioned it to Michael. Then we got a phone call from the realtor, the first offer people had called her again and asked us to reconsider. First sign. I told our realtor that I had been thinking about it every day…and how that if we didn’t take it, we would have to lower the price and kick ourselves for not taking it. I called Michael and told him I was done. Which I was…as soon as he left, I was done. Life in that house as wonderful as it was, would never be the same without him. I wanted it gone. So we accepted the offer. We would close on March 24th. Which was a little over three weeks away…and the kicker was I was heading to Georgia, which we had known about since late fall (for a race)…but I would then be heading to Asheville to house hunt. So do the math, I had 2 weeks to pack 11 years and 4 people up. Thanks to the help of my parents, we were able to get most of it done.

Ha…I just thought about how this story gets even more ridiculous…more on that later.

We spent the next two weeks packing, stacking, moving, trashing, donating, selling, you name it we did it. I was so tired. Tired of waking up everyday to a tornado of a house and facing more and more boxes and more and more crap every single day. But we got it done, for the most part. My dad and I moved a large chunk of stuff to their house and to the storage unit. I left Friday for Georgia…and I was able to see Michael, who I hadn’t seen in a month. Yes, this is the longest we have ever been apart in the 19 years we have been together. I was almost to Amicalola Falls (which is the beginning of the AT for those who don’t know) and I got a phone call from Ella Kate’s teacher…she was having an asthma attack on the bus back from a field trip. The teacher asked what she needed to do and I told her to roll down the window and try and keep her calm. I called my mom and told her to head up to the school with our rainbow bag (asthma medicine bag). They gave her a treatment and my mom took her on in to the doctor to be safe. Five days of albuterol, 5 days of steroids. Same ole same…cept my mom had crazy asthma medicine girl and Addison…not a whole lot of fun. After that was settled I started weaving in and out of mountains…big ole mountains…feels like home. I called Michael to find out where he was, and he was at the lodge…I parked and ran into the lobby to find him…Completely over emotional…big long hugs…whew. Miss that ole fella. We couldn’t check into our cabin for at least two hours so we hung out and talked and watched all the runners…and that weekend was the kickoff for many through hikers of the AT. So that was fun watching all the clean hikers getting ready! Anyway, our friend James showed up and we were finally able to get into the cabin…we mowed down a buffet and headed back for the meeting…I had to find out what all they wanted me to do etc. I can’t even remember what happened with the race…but we were staying at the finish line, I was to drive them 1.5 hours to the start, but something about rain and trail conditions…they reversed the race…now staying at the beginning and the race didn’t start till 8? So we went to bed and woke up and ate breakfast and headed to the start line. Off they went and I went back to the cabin to get all my crap ready for an almost 24 hour race…and they would be running right by the cabin. I saw them and took off. I didn’t have any trouble finding any of the crew aid stations…and being the “crew chief” I am…I go directly to a spot right after seeing my runners…and wait…which was a good thing in this race because the night before they told me way different hours of arrival. So that worked out good, they were way ahead of schedule. Keep in mind both of these runners hadn’t trained one iota for this race…and nailed it. I was ridiculously unprepared for this race which was my fault for the most part. Mainly because of what I was dealing with the weeks before…I am pretty sure I didn’t eat for 24 hours straight and didn’t even think twice about it. I crewed the last aid station and headed to the finish line. I was going to bust out my normal finish line gear…camping chair, blanket, etc….and the dern finish line was on a lake…and the winds were freaking high…I stayed out there for about 20 minutes to make sure James or Michael hadn’t finished and went back to the car. Apparently Michael finished…I was trying to watch for them, but I missed him and he knocked on the window and I apologized…he said it was okay. He didn’t blame me. He got changed and warmed up and we waited for James to finish and apparently missed him as well. Fail. All of us. But they both finished! They did pretty awesome for having not trained. I then had to drive them the 2 hours back to the cabin. We crashed. Woke up went to the buffet…and departed ways with James.

And then, we drove to Asheville.

What a beautiful drive.

What a beautiful part of the country.


We got there Sunday afternoon and tried to recoop from the weekend…any race weekend will wear anyone out. We visited with the Dodds and talked of Michael’s race…and then we crashed. I would spend the next two days house hunting. We knew that the housing market in Asheville was and is super hot. If you like it…buy it, right then, right there. We had the offer on our house, we were ready. What I wasn’t ready for was the condition of the housing. I knew when we first decided on Asheville that we would be downsizing…our house in Arlington was 2,300 sq. ft. I am completely fine with that…but man…these places were DUMPS. Everyone who is house hunting in Asheville at the moment has the same price point as well. Oh man these places were 1300 sq. ft. and just trash….and selling for above 220K. Gross. When we first spoke with our realtor, I told her that I wanted something new, or newer…number one… asthma…Ella Kate. We needed to know everything about the house…and older houses, well you just don’t know. 13 houses in our price range…13 in the area. We went to new developments…the first one I fell in love with, but it was out of our price range…cute little craftsman style houses on a mountain with mountain views. We left and I said…no way we can afford that. I came home Monday almost in tears. I didn’t know what we were going to do. Tuesday was more of the same…except we looked a little further, but still the same results. Nasty houses. And then…and then I got the phone call. Michael’s salary was messed up causing our loan to be lower and it was finally straightened out…and we could afford the cute little craftsman houses. It took some convincing on my part. No it isn’t what we wanted, but it was in our price range, good for Ella Kate, the schools are good, and it will do for many years. Michael originally wanted to buy a house that we could fix up and flip…but I knew that wasn’t going to be attainable with our budget. I had a heart to heart with him and he agreed that this would be a better choice for us right now. I didn’t want to move to the mountains and spend our weekend time messing with a house…I want to be getting lost in the mountains! So the contract was drawn up late Tuesday and I met with the builder Wednesday to discuss upgrades…the only thing I upgraded was hardwoods throughout…for my asthmatic of course. All the paper work was being drawn up and Thursday I went and picked out everything. I waited on Michael to get home and then we both headed back to Memphis…to move!

More later…cause the fun is really only beginning!

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