2015 New Year, Bigger Changes.

We haven’t really told many people, just close family and our friends, that we are in fact…moving! Here is the background on how we got to where we are now. Michael and I were really happy at Adsit for many many years. Michael has worked there for almost 12 years and myself 10 years off and on. The owner had even told Michael that he would like for us to own the company one day. I quit working for 3 years starting in 2008 when I had EK. The owner had a meeting with me in 2011 letting me know that he had created the perfect job for me, I could work from home, set my own hours…as long as I got the work finished. I had that job up until January 5, 2015. Roll back to about 2 years ago. Adsit hired a guy who grew our flowers to be in charge of the maintenance division. All was going fairly smoothly..there was talk about how he and Michael would run the company. Things were pretty good. Then things went bad. I have told Michael before that he is terrible with customers and rude as can be. He cusses people behind their back and has the mouth of a sailor. My opinion of him changed dramatically. He really made me mad when we went to Disney and I found out he planted some of my flowers while I was gone. I told Michael I was done then. I asked him over and over again about the flowers and planting and he said I had nothing to worry about. So those were my two strikes against him. He is on a major power trip. If it doesn’t go his way, then he will put you down.

Early December Michael was going to plant a simple sign at one of the properties. Easy peasy. Michael was getting the plants ready and he knew that Crape Myrtles had to be transplanted. He told the guy that he would facetime the crew leader and show him what to do. Cause Michael and his crew have been planting plants for years and years. Well dude went on another power trip and told Michael no, he didn’t know what he was doing…and completely went off on Michael saying he was in charge. Michael, so proud of him, just sat there and took it. The guy even came back in and asked Michael if he was done throwing his bitch fit. Michael was very upset. To make matters worse, the owner didn’t even step in to say anything. Never should an employee or employer ever yell at anyone like that. Ridiculous. Talk about a hostile environment. It took Michael three days to finally tell me what happened. The funny part is…you should see how that guy planted the sign. Talk about unprofessional, its the poster child for how not to plant Crape Myrtles. I had a picture of it, but I can’t find it. I will take another when I am in the area. He clearly has no idea what he is doing. Good call.

So after that, many things came on to the table. Our dream was to be a major part of Adsit. Once we realized that that idiot was in charge, we knew that dream was not reachable. No way. He is rude and unprofessional to employees and customers.

Then came January 5,2015…I was pulled into the office and offered a job, for less than what I was making before, and I would have to go into the office. So Jan 2011 offered perfect job from the owner and Jan 2015 offered a ridiculous job. We are pretty sure that was their way of firing me, because they knew I wouldn’t take it. I would have to put the kids in day care or hire someone to drive them around. Yeah, no. That would also mean that we would put 120 miles on our cars…a day. Michael already missed so much of the kids lives with his hours, that I wasn’t about to have both of us miss out. I had till Feb 1 to tell him my decision.

After Christmas we decided that Michael would start looking for another job. We have always said if we are out of Adsit, then we are out of Memphis. This town, ugh this town. 31 years this May. We looked in Nashville, Chattanooga, Johnson City, Knoxville, and Asheville, NC. We had a lot of feedback from Asheville. Most of the companies were small and referred him to some bigger companies. We heard back from Snow Creek in Asheville. Michael scheduled a phone interview as the first step. They were impressed with him and decided that they wanted to take the next step and do an interview in office. He was offered a job immediately. We were immediately excited. We debated over the weekend about taking it, if we could make it, how this would work etc. This was late January…right before they needed my decision about the job. I was hoping we would have everything worked out and Michael would be able to tell them we both quit. Luckily it all fell in place and he was able to. It has been an emotional roller coaster since December. We never saw this coming.

Michael told his guys and they were sad and couldn’t believe it. They asked him why and he told them because of that guy. The crews said yeah he is an ass and they had been talking about how he had changed and that he doesn’t know what he is doing. He treats them like crap. If they ever had a problem they would call Michael first, because he is nice and responsible. Many of them asked if the place we were going was hiring! Ha!

So. The Pooles are moving to Asheville, NC. Michael left Sunday after a very emotional send off. Addison has no idea…she just said bye and wanted to play on the ipad. She has been asking where he is. He started work on Feb. 16, so this is his second day. Bad time to start because they are dealing with snow, as we are too. We have about 1/4″-1″ of ice all around. This is our second day out of school. I am at my parents house for now. The girls and I aren’t moving until late June. The house has been on the market for a week now and we have had two offers, both of which we have rejected. Low ballers. We would like to get rid of it fast, but we want to make a profit as well. We will, we are just hoping for a good offer. We agreed that we didn’t want to pull EK out of first grade, that she would finish the year here. We will have Addison’s birthday here and then heading to the beach with my parents towards the middle of June…then moving to Asheville!

So that’s our big news for 2015. We haven’t had many showings since Sunday, the day we got the ice. Hoping things will pick back up after we thaw out!

One thought on “2015 New Year, Bigger Changes.

  1. Dang, Claire! What a whirlwind. Glad you are taking the opportunity to explore other cities! Sounds like this guy is going to ruin Adsit. I hope you love your new town! Please keep the blog alive so I can keep up with you all!

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