Up and Coming…

What’s up for the Poole casa next? Well this weekend we are heading over to Cloudland Canyon State Park. We are meeting up with Patrick and Anne Marie and staying at a cabin. Then that’s it…we are DONE with traveling for the year! We have had quite the year with going places! We went to Syllamore, Ark., Starkville, Ms.,Perryville, Ark., Rosemary Beach, Fl., Seattle, WA., Lake Sylvia, Ark., Disney, and now NE Georgia! We did a ton of traveling this year! Since this is our last trip, we are hoping to adopt a kitten next week. I have my eyes on one that I want to go look at. They aren’t open till Wednesday. I am hoping she is still around this time next week!

Speaking of kittens…asthma…Ella Kate.

We have really fantastic health insurance (big lie) and for the past year EK’s inhaler has been FREE!! Well, we switched insurance companies and it ain’t free no more. In fact, its over $300. Luckily Ella Kate had her yearly asthma checkup with a new dr. Her old one moved, which I cheered for when we got the letter. He was a big snooty nerd. I wasn’t fond of him and frankly I have no idea why we stayed with him as long as we did. We gave another lady a chance in the same practice and I liked her! Ella Kate is done with allergy shots. No. More. Shots. She was also going to decrease her inhaler to once a day and then none at all. But with her latest mishap (after Disney) she wants her on the inhaler for 6 more weeks, then cut back to once a day. I told her our inhaler situation. And she doesn’t blame us for not being able to afford it. So she told me to talk with our insurance company and see if there is a more affordable one and if there isn’t, then to call and let her know and she will give us samples. So I haven’t found anything under $200 and am going to call her and see if she can hook us up.

So we are super duper praying that everything goes okay with EK and the cat. We are getting a short haired cat, like Antioch. The cat won’t be allowed in EK’s room. So we are hoping and praying all goes well. We sure do miss a furry creature running the house.

Other than that, that’s about it…gearing up for the holidays, school events…and all that jazz!

Oh I forgot one Ella Kate wanted to tryout for the talent show. She auditioned with 80 other kids and only 19 made it through to the show! Here are some pictures of her performance. Michael has the video!



I was so proud of her. The cafeteria was packed and she didn’t even flinch! She nailed her song and was super excited! This was her first song she had memorized as well. Pretty good for a first grader!

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