If we ever go to Disney World again, I will definitely not tell my kids we are going until it is time to get on the airplane. Addison new about it for almost 9 months and asked about it every day!

Addison also calls the airplane and airport…airporch.



The girls did fine on the airplane. They did complain about their ears, we gave them candy and things to chew on, but it clearly didn’t help.

We left Memphis fairly early and arrived in Orlando around lunch. We got in our hotel rooms and we all took off to Hollywood Studios. We watched Beauty and the Beast, Muppets, Frozen, Little Mermaid, and we rode a few rides. Ella Kate rode the Tower of Terror. She did not like it. Michael loved it. The disadvantage we faced all week was having to switch out with Ella Kate because Addison couldn’t ride anything. The park closed at 9:00 and I wanted to ride the Tower of Terror as well, I was in and out in 10 minutes. That ride is awesome! Addison fell asleep on the bus back to the hotel. She was pooped!

The girls really liked all the shows we went to. The ones inside were even better because it was air conditioned!



This picture is awesome because Addison and Ella Kate were so utterly excited to see the Frozen Show! Look at Addison!


Even Michael liked it!




It even snowed on us!

Little Mermaid!

I wish we had pictures of Ella Kate and Michael on the Tower of Terror, on the first drop Ella Kate flung herself on Michael’s lap and she never got up until it was over. I was sitting on the back corner and looked like a crazy person with the death grip on the bar. Everyone else had their hands up!

Addison out on the way home!

Day 2.

We started off Day 2 at our hotel, the Grand Floridian. We had a character breakfast. We got to see Mary Poppins, Pooh, Tigger, Alice, and Mad Hatter. The breakfast was super yummy and a little intense getting the autographs and pictures, and trying to eat and keep the girls plates going. Woof.







After Breakfast we went back to the hotel and got all our garb and stroller to head out. I debated about the stroller issue before our trip. I knew Addison would need one and Michael told me not to get a double for EK. I should have got the double. So much walking. She got a few blisters but really was a trooper. We let them switch out every now and then.

We spent the day at Magic Kingdom. We rode rides for most of the day and debated about seeing Elsa and Anna which was on our to do list for some point. Addison got to ride a ton of rides and we hung out with my parents for most of the day. I had fast passes planned for Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain, and Splash Mountain…all of which Addison couldn’t do. We took her on the Jungle Cruise and my parents offered to keep her for the afternoon so we all three could ride on the rides together. They took her back to the hotel and gave her some icecream and let her rest. 


We don’t miss out on Ferris Wheels.

Tea Cups…Addison wasn’t a huge fan.
So wild Mom had to stop spinning.

Little Mermaid ride was a huge hit!


The three of us on Thunder Mountain. Who knew EK would be a fan of roller coasters.

Little Mermaid

EK and I on Dumbo!

We split up after a bunch of rides and we decided to go to the Haunted Mansion which only had a 20 minute wait, which was a complete lie…we were in line for a good hour and fifteen minutes! Addison passed out. It was hot!

We called it an early night and took the boat back to our hotel. We mowed down dinner and rested up.

Day 3. HUGE DAY!

We got up really early and got our princess on. We had breakfast reservations at Cinderella’s Castle at 8:20, followed by 10:40 appointments at the Bippity Boppity Boutique.

EK and Addison at our hotel, right above EK’s head above the tree line is the castle.

Was able to get a super quick picture of the 4 of us before the crowds swarmed.

Waiting in line for breakfast!



Waiting on our breakfast!

This is out of order…after we ate we rode a few rides!
And wandered around with three Elsas…oh yeah.
Back to breakfast…we met Snow White!
and Jasmine!

The breakfast was good…I would have preferred what the girls ate, and did eat most of Addisons…I don’t like fancy breakfasts…I stick to waffles, bacon, and eggs! The girls were in awe of the castle and being able to eat in it and meeting all the princesses. After breakfast we went to tomorrow land and rode on the people mover and raced some cars. Then it was time to head over for our appointments…crazy place right there.

Ella Kate was right at home getting pampered and primped. She was hoping for some sort of Elsa braid but that wasn’t an option. So a bun it was.

Addison’s hair took some fixing since it was so short…it took a ton of goop! But viola…a bun for her too!

After you get all dolled up they shuffle you to get your picture taken. If you know these three, then you know the picture below is insane! HA!!



After we got finished with that, we met Michael and Drew back at the hotel, mowed down some lunch and headed to Animal Kingdom…and I will pick up there hopefully sooner than later!

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