Disney Part 3!

I didn’t realize that it would take me this long to get all the Disney posts out. Ive been breaking them up here and there! We woke up and headed out to Animal Kingdom and got there at the rope drop. This was a low low key day, we had fast passes for Kali River Rapids and the Lion King. I didn’t really do much planning, we just did whatever we felt like doing, and if the line was long, we didn’t do it.

Here is my failed attempt at getting all of us on a ride.

We had to split up on the Kali River Ride again, I was hoping they would let Addison slide, but no. So Michael went with EK, who got soaked! Then I went by myself and stayed fairly dry! After that we decided to go on Everest. Ella Kate and I went, that was a super fun ride…not so much for EK. She said Everest wasn’t as bad as Tower of Terror, but she didn’t like either one. Michael went after us, luckily that ride had a one person rider line and he walked right in! Ella Kate likes the somewhat none jerking roller coasters, like Thunder Mtn, and Splash Mtn, she loved those. She also liked Space Mtn. We rode some more rides including Dinosaur and a few kiddy rides in Dinoland. Then we let them play on the playground for a good bit and decided to go eat lunch. They had the best quick service option out of all the parks! I had a bbq salad that was super good and Michael had ribs and bbq. Then we booked it over to the Lion King where I had a few words with some foreigners. We picked out spots and then they showed up and asked if we would scoot down and I said no, because I didn’t want  Addison to be blocked by people. They muttered some Chinese at us and I shrugged. Didn’t care one bit! The show was awesome and the people kept coming up to Addison and scaring her…see holding ground works out! They grabbed some kids in the audience and had them parade around with them. Addison wanted nothing to do with them, but Ella Kate jumped right up!




Not sure if that video is going to work or not! But she was tickled pink that she got to run around with them! After the show we decided to call it a day…the kids were beat, our feet hurt, and MSU was playing football! So we went back to the hotel after purchasing two cute little monkies for the girls!

We watched the game and the girls played with all their stuff they got and we finally decided to give them a shower to get the gunk out of their hair!

We had one more character dinner at the Contemporary.  It was a buffet and pretty good! The girls got to meet Donald, Goofy, Pluto, Minnie, and Mickey!

Addison was super exited to meet all these folks!


 Backwards ears! 





After the meal we decided to go back to the Magic Kingdom, as this was our last day at Disney. Poor choice on my part to take Addison, she was beyond exhausted and cried for a good 30 minutes before finally passing out. Michael wanted to take EK on Thunder Mtn and Splash Mtn again…so I am not really sure why I even went back into the park since she couldn’t even go. So he texted us and said if we wanted to head back to go, cause the line was longer than we thought. I somehow found my way back to the entrance of the park…I am terrible at getting out of places like that and Michael had all the maps. We got home around 9 and I put Addison to bed asleep. EK and Michael got home around 11 and Uncle Drew stayed out till 2:45 riding rides!!  Ha!


Overall it was an amazing trip and we are very THANKFUL for my parents and letting us all go! We all had a ball and it was definitely a memorable trip! We made it back to Memphis without any problems and headed on home…


Where we had to take EK into the Dr. the next day…she had pneumonia! We got back from the Traveller and EK was running a high temp and complained of a sore throat. So I took her in since we were heading to Disney. He said it was just a virus. So I stocked up on chewable benadryl and tylenol for the trip and drugged her a good bit. I think the trip just wore her body out and we had to go back in to the dr. and load her up on antibiotics, steroids, and breathing treatments. She missed two more days of school!

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