Open House

The first week of October, we went to Addison’s open house. This is the first time since she has started preschool that she hasn’t stood on the stage and sucked her thumb. I thought I took a video of it, but apparently my phone knew better.

Her class sang March Like a Dinosaur. She did most of the motions and sang the whole time. After that, we went to her class and got her projects and mowed down some punch and cookies.


I was spotted!

She is doing pretty well in preschool. Her teachers say she is one they can always depend on to be doing what she is suppose to be doing. She is 6 months behind Ella Kate when EK was in this class, and there is a huge difference. They both have/had homework to do in the 3 year old class, but its pretty ridiculous to get Addison to finish it. I have to hold her pencil hand and trace most of the work for her. But at least she is trying!

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