Arkansas Traveller V.

Michael got back from the Cascade Crest in late August and almost immediately signed himself up for his 5th run of the AT100 in Arkansas. I warned him we would be walking many many miles at Disney, but he was cool with that.

The weather was suppose to be absolutely gorgeous and I was on the fence about taking the kids with me. Ella Kate would be fine and would keep herself entertained for the most part, running around the forest. Addison might tire of it and poke that little lip out and turn her head sideways. So we opted to leave them behind.

We left Friday morning after dropping Addison at my parent’s house. Then we made way to Perryville, Ark. along the way we missed every single place to eat and ended up at the gas station where we go to get reception for our phones. Michael got a gatorade and chips. I ate a couple of chips and decided to hold off. Our friend Scott also did the same thing and we met him at the gas station where he also got chips! Crazy…and super poor planning on our part!

We got Michael checked in and attended the race meeting. Then we headed down to the camp site and set ourselves up. It was cool, but not chilly. We got everything set up and drove back up to the race start for the spaghetti dinner. I have never ate that much spaghetti in my entire life. I was so hungry! So we mowed that down and headed back to the camp site and popped open a few adult beverages and Michael wouldn’t let me start a fire cause he wasn’t staying up late. We called it a night around 7:30 and we slept like rocks. It is so fun to sleep in a tent when the weather is that perfect! We woke up super early and got ourselves ready. We headed up to the race start and after a few pictures and high fives, he was off.

I headed back to the camp and made myself some bacon and eggs. I was being watched by some other fellow crewers and head them say, Dude, she is making bacon! Ha! I cleaned up my mess and started getting the van situated for 24 hours funfest! James, who ran the CC100 with Michael, showed up and we decided to walk to the first crew aid station and waited on our people to come in. He was crewing two girls. We didn’t have to wait too long before Michael rolled in. He was around 10th place at the moment, which I thoroughly enjoy because him being upfront meant I get a super close spot at the next aid station! I told James I would see him at the next aid station and headed over to Lake Winona aid station…prime parking. It was sunny and was starting to get warm. I set out for a while reading and eating sunflower seeds. We met some fellow campers/runners and I talked with them for a while and then Michael showed up. He looked great! I headed off to Powerline!

And made a small detour, but still managed to get a great crew spot. The van was doing awesome, but she got scratched by some trees on the right side. We buffed most of them out this past weekend. Not fun. I waited on him and got him going on to Copperhead aid station. He had picked up a pacer at this point and would have someone to run with him for the next 19 miles. I wouldn’t see James again. I headed to Copperhead where unfortunately they had Copperhead Road on repeat which was just meh. I would be here a while, but I did get to see Scott and Carol come through.

After he checked in, I headed back to Powerline, where I got a bad parking spot because not many people go to Copperhead and also not many people had checked into Powerline the first time. So I had to walk a good bit with all my stuff. I met the fellow campers again and hung out with them till he came in…it was dark. He rolled back in pretty quickly. He looked good, but said he was starting to get a little tired. So he mowed down some 5 hour energys, egg salad sandwich, and a few other knickknacks and headed out.

The rest of the race anything can happen. Luckily he held up well. I headed back to Lake Winona to wait. I got a super great parking spot and busted out my campstove and made some broccoli and chicken sausage and mowed it down with some Dogfish. I would be here a while. I sat in my chair wrapped up in a blanket and waited. He ran on in a little before 11! I was pumped. So I headed to the finish line and got a prime spot and tried to sleep. I was on an incline and kept falling down in the van. I eventually said forget this and got my chair, blanket, and camera and headed to sit by the finish line and wait. I have been MIA at some of his 100 miler finishers, so I wasn’t going to miss this one! Two years before I might have been in the bathroom!

He ran in at 21:24:30, 6 minutes faster than last year. 8th place.

He was pretty stoked. He had planned to run it under 20, but quickly realized that wasn’t going to be reachable. But that’s the fastest time he has!


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