Well September came and went…another month down! Ella Kate is now a red belt in Karate. She is two belts away from becoming a black belt. I am hoping they let her finish out the ninja program, I am thinking she will be able too, if not, I will talk to her teachers and see if they will let her. The kids move up to the junior program when they turn 7. EK will be turning 7 NYE. She will test for her brown belt in a week or two…and then in December she should be testing for BLACK!! She is so excited. Then I  think in January she will move up to the Juniors and be an American Belt…I am not sure yet. Its not as easy to get your belts in the Junior class. They are solid belts. See how the ninjas are white with a red stripe. But she loves it. Most of the time she is the only girl…sometimes there is another now and then. She is getting better at sparring. She is actually throwing punches and kicks now. She still has a ways to go, but we are super proud of her for just trying.

Her Karate school has parties every now wand then. Last Friday was a Ninja Turtle party. They did some karate, ate pizza, and watched the movie. She said she had a good time. At first she was a little shy because it was a room full of boys….being boys. Then as we walked out the door, two girls she knows showed up, so she was happy.

She came home and told us about the party. Then she was headed to bed, hugged me on the couch, and twisted her ankle on my chaco. The next morning it was super swollen. We iced it all weekend and she was able to walk ok Monday. We didn’t make it to karate, but she went last night because she needed to get her stripe. She said it didn’t bother her. So we shall see!

Red Belt
Mr. Russell, EK, and Mr. Acuff


A couple of weeks ago, Michael and I went to see Joe Purdy at the new Hi-Tone in midtown. It was super fun and he was amazing as always. Memphis probably wasn’t the best venue for him to play. Michael counted only 28 people at the show, but I loved it cause it wasn’t grossly crowded. We went to Nashville a few years ago to see him play at Mercy Lounge and it was packed! But we had a blast!



Two weekends ago Addison was hollering from her room that she was stuck…we hollered at her to get unstuck…we couldn’t imagine what she was stuck in. She got her bum stuck in her bed. We had to shimmy her bum out of the bed!


Here is EK sparring, in this picture she is “jamming” which is where you put your elbow and your knee together and block kicks. Its fun to watch these little kids go at it! Next year might be a little different!


Throwing a high block and a punch.

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