October 2014

Is jammed packed!! Tonight Ella Kate is trying out for the talent show at school. She has memorized one of her violin pieces and is going to play it tonight. If she makes it, the show is 10/30! Tomorrow night we have Addison’s open house for preschool. She is tickled to pieces with her shirt she made and they are singing the March Like a Dinosaur song. Friday Michael and I are headed to Arkansas for the Traveller. This is the 5th time he will run it, and he is going for a PR of 19 hours. Woof. I debated about bringing the kids, but I think Addison is just too young still. It’s pretty stressful and adding the kids to the mix might not be such a good idea. We get back from that late Sunday. Then we have fall break! We are heading to DISNEY Wednesday-Sunday with my parents and Holly, Drew, and AC. We are all SUPER PUMPED! Michael has never been before! The Monday after Disney, I start planting all my flowers. Then the next weekend we are planning on having a Runner party at our house…to celebrate the Cascade Crest, Traveller, and one of their friends is moving. Then comes Halloween and all the kids activities.

Christmas will be here before we know it! AHH!!

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