So what’s next???

I have started Round 2 of T25…I am working around 50 hours a week. I am running all over the place after small children. Ella Kate has more homework this year, more spelling tests, more reading assignments. She is going to karate 4 times a week and violin once. We let her go to Karate that much because its only 30 minutes and it is great discipline and exercise for her.

Addison, well we are just saving up money for when she starts karate, which will be next summer. She is pumped!

I went to a meeting at Ella Kate’s school last week to find out what she would be doing this year, and to meet her teacher. We love her teacher! She will do just fine this year. I told Michael that I wasn’t going to be room mom this year…the parent’s last year were just kinda ho-hum and complained when I asked for $$ for the teacher’s gifts and things. My co-room mom and I paid for most of the stuff. One of the main reasons I signed up last year was that I got to go to all the parties and be with Ella Kate. So after our last hooray as room moms I wiped my hands of that duty.

At registration day I had a couple of moms ask me if I was going to volunteer again this year and I just kinda said I didn’t know….but knew in the back of my mind I wasn’t. 

Fast forward to last Thursday night. Teacher announced that she had sign-up sheets for room mom and birthday Wednesday and some reading tests. After the meeting was over I signed up for December on Birthday Wednesday and left to go home. I noticed that no one had signed up for room mom, which I thought was sad. So I continued on, got to the door, and thought about how happy Ella Kate was that I was able to plan and attend all the parties and functions. I took a deep breath, turned around and walked back in and signed up. Another lady said Ah…I knew you would do it! Her daughter is in our class and EK and her went to preschool together at St. Pauls. She and another lady that also went to our preschool said they would help. So here is hoping to a better year than last year!

I signed up for room mom, and then mowed down a cookie. Two things I wasn’t planning on doing.

I came home and told Michael and he told me I was crazy. I told him how much it meant to EK…and here we go!

I have pictures on my dslr that are dying to be downloaded which I am hoping to do this weekend. I am having to work a bunch because we are once again switching programs at work. But I need to get them off of the card because it is full…and we are headed to SEATTLE a week from today!


Michael is running the Cascade Crest 100 the following Saturday 8/23. We are beyond excited…never been to that side of the US! So be on the lookout for updates on instagram and facebook if you follow us!

Anyway, dinner bell is a calling…TBC!

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