Magnetic Chalkboard Action.

For a while know I have been wanting to do some sort of chalkboard somethingnother behind our dining room table. I had looked on the internets for chalkboards but the one I wanted was big and the ones I found were too expensive, like $500 range. Um no.

Started surfing the webs and some how to do its and whatnots.

Funny because that same day when I started my researching I happened to look at Arlington’s resale page and one of Michael’s runner buddies had posted a picture for sale for $30…and it was huge. 47″ish by 36″ish. I decided to go for it. I picked it up the next day. I was after the frame.


I brought it home and ripped the paper off the back and saw that it was doable.

I was debating about the whole magnetic paint thing and saw reviews that that paint doesn’t really hold magnets that well, small ones would fall off and wouldn’t hold much. I knew I wanted it magnetized, and decided on galvanized steel. The next day I stopped in Lowes and Home Depot to have a piece cut down, but the largest size I found was 24″ x 36″. I called Michael to see if he knew of any other place to check and I asked him if he would call Ivan, a contractor. He hooked us up and I picked up a 40″ x 30″ piece of galvanized steel for $25. P.S. the sheets at Lowe’s were $30-$40. The guy cut my piece to the exact size I needed!


I picked up some Valspar chalkboard paint at Lowe’s the next day…

and painted 4 coats without using a primer.

Seasoned twice…

and helped Michael hang that bad boy up.

Super excited to have this in our house! All for $65 bucks and super huge and magnetic!

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