Michael’s 50 miler

Going places with these two is getting so much easier and easier. They really love going camping with us. I decided to take them with us for Michael’s 50 mile race. It was the weekend after Super Bulldog Weekend (I think). I am so behind on updates it’s not even funny. So much has happened.

We got the girl’s some scooter’s and packed them up with us so they could scoot around the park. Luckily I picked a good spot this year. Last year we were in the full blown sun and it was hot.


Michael and Erno at the start off the race.


In complete Claire fashion, I got lost. Well not really, but I thought I knew where I was going, but just took a mild detour and found this:


an overlook of the Arkansas River and Pinnacle Mtn. (below).
So I got to watch the sunrise with the girls. When I saw Pinnacle Mtn, I knew I wasn’t in the right spot. I was suppose to be on Pinnacle Mtn. Ha!
Michael had said that he expected to be at Pinnacle Mtn in 30 minutes. So since we took the detour I knew we might not see him. So we drove over anyway. I asked the aid station if he had been through and he said he was still up there. So we waited and got to see him on the way back down. So not to shabby, beautiful sunrise and we got to see him.

I like this race cause it lasts for 8-10 hours for Michael. This time I think 9 hours and some change. So we left him and went and got some donuts and then went back to the campsite to change and get cleaned up. Then we did some running around and went back to the campsite for lunch and to play on the playground. Well by the time we got back to our campsite, Addison was doing this:


So I let her sleep for about 2 hours in the van and EK and I played and watched the boats go by on the river. Addison woke up and we decided to head to the finish line to watch him finish. We packed some snacks and set up camp by the van and he rolled on in!


The girls and Michael went to bed after our steak dinners. I stayed up by the campfire listening to music. Michael took this picture of the girls while they slept .Yes, Addison is straddling EK’s head. Funny!


It was a fun trip! I woke up around 5:30 and checked the radar. We knew bad weather was heading our way. Actually it was lightening that woke me up. I saw that rain was near and poked Michael and showed him. We woke the girls up and quickly packed up camp. We headed into Little Rock and the weather was getting worse. We stayed ahead of the really bad weather the whole way home. There were tornadoes that killed people in Maumelle, which is where we stayed and in Tupelo. I am glad we got out safely!

When we got home, Antioch didn’t come out to see us, I went looking for her and that’s when we discovered she was sick.

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