May was an even busier month. I was at EK’s school almost every other day doing stuff for her and going to programs. We celebrated my Mom’s birthday. I planted an insane amount of flowers. We put Antioch to sleep. I did a terrible job at planning Addison’s 3rd birthday. I was insanely busy with work. Ella Kate had her spring recital. May was the main reason for slacking on pretty much everything, like the blog.

I am not sure if this video is going to work or not. Will try and figure it out. It is of Ella Kate playing twinkle twinkle at her spring recital.

And EK and all her loot after the recital. She got a big trophy for practicing 5 times a week every week. I medal for listening, a certificate for mastering certain skills, and a participation award. She did a great job and is getting better at playing the violin!

Addison being thrilled about the last day of school. No, she really was thrilled, she is just not a fan of me and my camera!

Ella Kate’s Kindergarten recognition day. They sang songs and got diplomas, then we had cookies and punch afterwards!


Look at that hot air balloon in the middle…class of 2026! I will be 46 years old then!



While I was planting all my flowers, I missed out on Addison’s family luau. So I asked Michael to send me pictures of her. He said they ate strawberries, hotdogs, and burgers. She had some cookies and they played with bubbles!


Field Day.

As soon as I stepped foot in the gym, I knew this wasn’t going to end well. It had rained a ton the night before and they moved Field Day into the gym. It was SOOOO LOUD! I knew immediately that EK would probably end up in tears. I was right. She hates loud noises. At this point she was in tears for the relay dash. Mrs. Shedd called me over and I sat with her while all the other kids played the games.

Sitting on the sidelines 😦

She perked up after field day because we had a picnic. I took her home with me because they weren’t scheduled to do anything for the rest of the day!

This was waiting on her for the last day of school!

First Grader!!

We celebrated my Mom’s birthday at my sister’s house. We had a flip flop themed party and we mowed down some food and my Dad forgot the pie!! He had to run out and get it! We had a great time celebrating!

Mimi and Papa with the littles.

I cleaned the water table and decided to put some dish soap back in and let the girls go to town. I love this picture of Addison!

Our goodbye weekend for Antioch. We got the diagnosis Thursday afternoon and had to make a decision about surgery Friday. As you know, we didn’t do the surgery. She stopped eating Thursday and I had Michael call the vet Friday. We wanted the weekend with her. They gave her a shot and some pills to help with diet. They told us to go get whatever her favorite food is and let her have it. We bought tuna, and that cat was literally in heaven. She would MOW IT DOWN!! Then she would stand by her bowl and meow for more. It was great, and I am glad she was happy. It sure was hard to let her go. But it was definitely her time.


I set up the camera to take a picture of all of us. You can see how thrilled Michael is. He was being a Maddison.

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