Addison turns 3!

Addison turned 3 on June 3rd, her golden birthday! I planned an Under the Sea birthday party and have vowed to do a much better job and planning her birthdays. So much was going on and I had very little time to work on it! We try and do it when the weather is good. It was scheduled for June 14th. I started looking at the weather for June 7th, and the weather looked pretty good and my Uncle Junior was having a good week. I called up the troops, Mom and Holly, and asked what they thought. Mom said since Jr. was doing okay, we could try and do it. The weather turned out fine, minus one afternoon light shower. We got to swim, eat hotdogs, cake, open presents, and swim some more!

On the day of her actual birthday my mom came over and I had to run some errands for the party. So we did that and then we took them to the mall to ride the carousel and check out the Disney store. Then we finished up with lunch and Chic Fil A.

Addison on the carousel!
Opening presents. She got an American girl doll bed with bedding and an outfit for her dolls.
EK on the carousel.

Waiting on Dad to get home…princess style.

Sitting on her presents!

Per her request she wanted mac and cheese and chicken nuggets. But we talked her into going to eat Mexican and Yogurt Mtn. She got a cheese quesadilla and chips and cheese dip and mowed it down! Then she ate some cake batter yogurt with m&m’s!
The girls mowing it down! 


Swimming at her Birthday Party!!









All week long this kid talked about her birthday cake and eating it. She threw a fit when we went to Costco to order it because we didn’t get to bring it home. Then was all excited about it when we picked up the day of her birthday party…then when it was time to eat it, she didn’t want any. She is an icecream girl! Typical Addison!

Can’t believe she is 3!!

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