Well, that was the last picture I took of Antioch. It has been a hard week and my mind has been playing some awful tricks on me. We enjoyed Memorial Day weekend, the last weekend with our cat. We got the news Thursday and had to make our decision over the weekend. We decided Friday that we would put her down. She also stopped eating Friday, so I had Michael call the vet and they told us to come in and they would give her a shot for nausea and some medicine for increasing appetite. I went to Kroger and bought tuna for her. She meowed like never before and was so happy to be eating her favorite food. She mowed down 4 cans of tuna, and didn’t poop until Monday night.

Our plan was to have the vet come to the house and put her down Tuesday. So Tuesday we didn’t give her the appetite pills. Michael called when the vet opened but she had something come up, so we were going to wait to Wednesday. One more day. I went upstairs with the girls and I worked and put a movie on. I noticed Antioch just roaming around, she went to the litter box at least 50 times. She was staggering. I watched her for at least 2 hours, and I knew it was time. She teed on the carpet and threw up and I could tell by the look in her eyes that she needed to go that day.

I called Michael balling my eyes out. He called the vet and we could come in at 2:15-2:30. My mom got the girls around 11 and I just sat on the couch petting the cat. She wouldn’t eat anymore. She looked like a drunk cat. Michael got home and 2:00 and we cried on the couch together. I won’t go in to anymore details, putting animals down has got to be one of the saddest things ever. We said a hard good bye, she has never left us in 10 years.

We had her cremated.

It is easier this week, but oh how my mind plays tricks on me, a pair of black flip flops out of the corner of my eye, the way a door sounds when it is moved, looking at her favorite sleeping spots. Seeing an empty spot in the kitchen where her food and water cup use to be. I just keep reminding myself how bad she was Tuesday and take comfort knowing that she isn’t in any pain. She was a fantastic cat and is greatly missed.

Ella Kate kind of understood, she was probably more upset that I was upset than anything. Addison keeps asking where the cat is and when she is coming home. Since we have had her cremated, we told them she is coming home in a wooden box. My old dog Shumpy was also cremated. I am sure the girls are going to be like what do we do with all these boxes when we die!

The house is so empty without a little creature walking around. No one to scream at us when we get home. Our bed now only has two in it. My co-worker is missing from my blanket on the couch. That’s the hardest. When the girls were asleep or napping, that’s when she would come out and sit on us. So working the past week has been pretty hard, but getting easier.

Rest in Peace little Antioch.

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