I don’t even know where to begin!

We celebrated my Dad’s birthday towards the beginning of April. We decided to go all out and have a theme. We picked a cowboy theme. My dad loves cowboys and westerns.

Us Strachans!
Dad got a kid sized farm themed tervis! It was returned for the right size.
His cake!
We played a few yard games.
Papa reading to Addison. She has his eyes.
Cowgirl Addison
Cowgirl Kate

The next weekend after Papa’s Birthday was Super Bulldog Weekend. We packed the girls up and headed out Friday morning. We made it in to Starkville and did some shopping for college gear. Then we headed to Mugshots for burgers and fries. Then we headed to our hotel, which is the Butler. The hotel is located on campus, nearly touching the stadium. Our balcony overlooks underneath the stadium seats. So you can see the concessions. Super cool.

We walked to the baseball game and watched MSU get beat by Ole Miss. Boo. But we had fun and the girls mowed down concessions. Addison had a spill down the stairs. It was slow motion and she just kinda rolled down each step. There were only 4, but she still got a bruise on her fat cheek. So hooted and hollered but quickly recovered.

Saturday there was a festival in the Cotton District. We decided to head down and check it out. We ran into Georgia, one of our old friends from school. We also ran into Neil, who graduated in our class and opened 929 Coffee Bar and we chatted with him for a while. Then we came back through and saw our other old friend Nick playing in his band. We listened for a while and left. We grabbed EK and Addison a bag of pink cotton candy on the way back to the hotel. EK loved it, Addison her usual self, didn’t like it.

We got the girls changed into their cheer-leading outfits and walked into the Stadium for the Maroon White game. We got a few more concessions and EK mowed down her cotton candy while Addison fell completely asleep on Michael and I. They had a blast at the game. We forgot their cowbells! After the game, we took Jenna and Mallory (Johnny’s daughters at work) out to dinner. We walked to a restaurant and mowed it down! Then we all headed back to our hotel and waited till night to go see the concert at the amphitheater…which was terrible except for the first act. He was okay. Addison slept through the whole thing and we turned in at 9:00.

We rolled out early Sunday morning to head home! We are hoping to make this a yearly tradition, we all have a ton of fun! As long as we can stay in the Butler! I think there are only 8 rooms, and its for alumni.

Arrived! Don’t know what EK is doing, but I think it had something to do with the sunlight.

Our balcony view.

Dudy Nobile Field. To the left of Addison’s foot is where she rolled down the stairs.

We talked with some current students who thought we were current students but married with kids. They couldn’t believe we were in our 30s and we couldn’t believe they were 20s. Did we look that young??
This is at about 10:00 at night. Checking out all the lights.
Showing off her cheek bruise. Looking at the picture its on the left side, near her lip.

Celebrating 100 years…Scott Field.


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