Uncle Junior and Strachan visit.

A couple of weeks ago we headed down to Corinth to visit Uncle Junior and eat dinner with the rest of the Strachans. It was a bittersweet time. Ella Kate played her violin for Uncle Junior. She played twinkle twinkle and her new recital piece for him. We visited with him and he got to meet Addison. We played around the farm and with cousins who we haven’t seen in a while. We visited the golf course my Aunt Judy owns and drove a golf cart. We watched basketball and ate a big chicken dinner. Uncle Junior was able to sit up in his chair. It was sad to leave…not knowing.

That is my second cousin Shannon on the left and her dad (my first cousin) Richard on the right. Ella Kate riding bareback on Frosty, who I rode growing up. The house behind them is now my cousin’s house. That was the house my dad grew up in.

Addison riding the horse.

Golf course action. I have many memories of all my cousins driving full speed and trying to throw each other out. I am sure golfers loved us!


My dad’s part of the farm. Frosty is back there somewhere. We use to play in that barn growing up. We would jump hay bales and push a particular cousin down in them so he couldn’t get up! There is a silo to the right of my dad. We were shooting BB guns one time and it hit the silo and bounced off my head!
Aunt Becky playing the piano for the girls. Uncle Junior and Aunt Becky love music!

Uncle Junior has had several good days and some bad days. He has complained that his chest has been hurting this week. The dr. say eventually the tumor will get so big that it will start to press on his brain stem, and organs will begin to fail. We sure are praying for him!

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