I wonder how many posts I have with that title.

Addison, playing with a toy in her own fashion.
Ella Kate went to a classmates birthday party. She got her face painted for the first time ever. I have a hate relationship with face painting…it gets all over. So I thought she was old enough to not mess with it…and she requested a kitty cat. We also learned that her friend lives 5 houses down from us…so they have played outside together a good bit!
Ella Kate is now a blue belt in her ninja class. This is the only picture I got before my roll was full. They are learning their kata for an upcoming competition. I am hoping she will be able to do it this time. I held her out last time because she was so new at it. Hopefully it isn’t the same day as the recital!
I got my first hair cut in 5 months. She straightens it every time to see the layers and the thinning. I have a ton of hair and I get it thinned out. I wish I could straighten it as good as she does, but I don’t have the time! Also, look at my little arm muscles! I have been working out everyday since February. I started T25 last week and LOVE it! It is by far my favorite out of P90, Insanity, and Jillian. I did Jillian leading up to T25 which I think was an excellent buildup to T25. I favor T25 over P90 and Insanity because it is only 25 minutes, and I burn about the same amount of calories. Looking forward to the next 8 weeks!
Unfortch, Addison has started sleeping here. I will go in if I can move her with the door, pick her up, and put her back in the bed. She does it at nap too.

Crazy kid! 

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