Go Fly a Kite…

March 24, 2014 – Addison flew a kite at school. I picked her up and she never stopped talking about it. I told her we would go buy a kite. I thought I had seen kites at Costco. We went on our weekly Costco run and we checked but I didn’t see them. Then I remembered to get flat pretzels, one of her favorite snacks. I got them and found the kites! She decided on a parrot with a little nudge by mom. There was a hello kitty, no. She narrowed it down to a butterfly and the parrot. The butterfly had dull colors and the parrot was just raging red, not to mention 6′ long. Sure why not. Toss that sucker in the cart. $12.99 and its not plastic. So since the day I brought it home, the girls have been begging to fly it. I kept waiting on a windy day, which was yesterday, the calm before the storm.

Ella Kate scored another 100 on her third spelling test, so in honor of that, we flew a kite. The girls ran all over the place. I am not sure if I have ever flown a kite. It was fun! Michael was a little alarmed that I bought the 6′ parrot. He didn’t really get excited about the kite when he saw it, just the size of it. When he got home yesterday, he couldn’t believe we flew the kite without him. So we are going to take it to shelby farms or somewhere with wide open space. We have a big drainage area behind our house, I flew it there, but it was a little tricky because its almost like a small valley. When I got up on the sidewalk it flew great but I was worried that it would go in a neighbors yard. We are bringing the bird to the beach when we go in June. It will be great. Hopefully we won’t hit anyone in the head.

Funny side note: Michael went to the beach with my family when we were dating one year. Holly and I decided to throw the Frisbee. I am freakishly good at throwing a Frisbee, but not a disc golf Frisbee. First throw of the Frisbee I winged that thing and nailed a man in the jaw. He almost fell out, and I know it had to hurt. We ran over and apologized. Michael jinxed us by saying don’t hit anyone when we made the decision to play. Oooof. I bet he got a gnarly bruise!

Look how little EK and big A look.
I have Addison all to myself on Wednesdays, we have been jumping on the trampoline a ton!
Michael and I had a card night, the cat joined in. We have decided to cancel our satellite next March, when our contract expires. Too much TV = wasting away our lives. Plain and simple.
Ella Kate practicing her violin. She has selected her music for the spring recital and might take a few masters classes this summer. Basically they learn to play in a group.
How many times have you watched Frozen? We have watched it a ton.
Gettin ready for a bath!

Not much else to report. Work has picked up and is almost outragious! We are working around the house this afternoon and apparently doing our taxes because I keep pushing it off. Tomorrow after Karate we are heading to my parent’s house to let Addison nap. We are then heading to Corinth to see Uncle Junior and eat. He is on hospice at his house and we need to go see him. He had a super bad day last Friday and we thought that the end was near. Medications were mixed up and made him super drowsy and unresponsive. Once they figured that out, he turned into his chipper old self! He has asked if Ella Kate will play him a song on her violin as well!

Our street turned nutty on Tuesday. I turned on a bubble machine in the front yard and tons of kids showed up. After I lied and said we ran out of bubbles, we went inside and got dinner ready. The girls played in the backyard while I was cooking. It sure is nice now that both kids can go in the yard and play and get up and down from the tramp without my assistance. After we ate, we have a ritual of getting EK on her bike to ride. We rode around the pond and then down the street. Ella Kate ran into a classmate that lives 4 houses down from us. We found that out because she is invited to her bday party this Sunday. When I rsvp’d for her I told her that we lived right down the street, so we have been trying to get the girls together. So EK and Riley played and we talked with her mom. So that is fun that she has someone to play with! Addison is going to be sad when EK starts to do things with her friends. Those two are so tight!

We are also getting the garden ready for planting. The seeds have been bought and I went and got $20 bucks worth of basil, cherry tomatoes, and dill for my pots. I can’t wait to start eating fresh veggies again. Our CSA is starting up in a week or so. I went back with Whitton Farms this year. I just wasn’t pleased with the other we we did. If you like growing veggies and herbs, Lowe’s has them on sale this weekend 2 for $5!

Happy Weekend and Happy Spring!

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