First part of Spring Break.

Ok. Well I just spent 50 minutes trying to figure out the new flickr mayhem and I am not sure that I have it figured out yet. All for a dern url code. Apparently they aren’t allowing sharing on blogger. Apparently they are going with sharing is uncool now. Not cool for me. I can’t even center these pictures up. Weird and tragic for the moment.

The first part of spring break was rather uneventful. I busted out the spin art machine which was originally intended to be played with when Michael was fishing, but the great barf of 2014 took that out. So we played with it and the girls thought it was too cool!

They watched me do it first. I had to help Addison because she really just enjoyed squeezing all the paint out of the tubes.

Addison said she was in jail.

I painted Ella Kate’s room for her. Her fave color is purple and she has been wanting a purple room for a looooong time. I put on a movie and painted the whole room by myself. I wasn’t quite finished and I had work to do so we went upstairs and she watched Where the Wild Things Are while I worked. I kept talking to her and realized that she was asleep. She was going to skip the nap that day because her room stunk to high heaven from paint and it was not finished.

Addison and her get up.

We went to the park several times when the weather was nice.

Ellers painting the last of her green wall.

At the beginning of spring break I kept my eye on the weekend forecast and made a decision Wednesday to go camping. Had to figure out where though. After doing some research and calling around to a few places, I made the decision to take them to Dismals Canyon.

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