Dismals Canyon

Whoop I figured it out, how to center the htmls on here. I might go back and fix last post, but probably not. Maybe.

So after I made the reservation at Dismals, I started making lists. Thursday I took another gander at the weather and rain had appeared for Saturday. One thing I won’t do is camp in the rain, not with kids. I called Michael and he said let’s just go and we will figure it out. Fine. I did all my grocery shopping for the trip and packed the kids and I. We left early Friday directly after breakfast.

When doing research on where to go, I came across Sipsey Wilderness. It has hundreds of waterfalls and a river. It sounded amazing and we decided to go there first. Less than three hours from Memphis. Go there if your into this type of thing.


This is the natural bridge. A huge hole in the mtn.

Addison our nonhiker.


Looking down in the mtn. bridge on right.

It was beautiful. As soon as I saw the first waterfall and the river I told Michael that we have to go backpacking here. I want to see the whole thing. We only walked maybe 3 miles and the girls started complaining. Ella Kate did great, but when she gets tired of walking, she gets tired of walking. So we had a picnic and headed back to the car. There are around 75ish miles of trail to blaze. We met a guy who had been hiking since Tuesday and he said it was amazing. So I am making it a goal to go back there and hike with Michael. Unfortch all of our gear: tent, sleeping bags, thermarest etc. are too heavy. So I am going to start saving monies to buy some lighter gear for backpacking. Our stuff is good for the normal type camping we do, but is too heavy to carry long distances. So apparently now I am on a backpacking kick, and that place inspired it all. Michael said he would love to run it too. We also said that we wished we were staying at Sipsey instead of Dismals, but I am not sure the girls would have had that much fun in the wilderness. They do love throwing rocks in water though.

Anyway. We got back to the car and made the 30 minute drive to Dismals. We got all checked in and set up camp. We made a big ole fire and mowed down tacos for dinner. The camp site was super cool complete with our own little cave overhang. I brought our pink potty. Best move ever. The camping was semi primitive and we would have to walk a good distance to the bathrooms. So I decided to bring the potty to the camp site for the girls. Worked out great! Earlier in the year, when we were doomed for ice that kept missing Memphis, I bought glow sticks for the girls just in case our power went out. We didn’t get ice and our power was on, so I stashed the sticks. Glow sticks are excellent for young campers. My kids love anything that glows or sparkles. Ha. We had a raging fire and the girls played all around the campsite. Addison climbed up in my lap and EK on Michael’s at 9:00 and passed out. We put them to bed and hung out a while later. Fine time!









Dismals Canyon is a super cool place to go. It is a private park and they only have 8 campsites and 3 or 4 cabins. They are known for dismalites (moth larva) that glow in the dark. So they have night tours and they take you down in the canyon for you to see them. It is really neat and I know Ella Kate had a fine time finding them. We were a little early to see them, but we did see around 100. The place is lit up April-May and there are millions of them. We went for my 30th birthday in November and saw a good bit of them too.

So basically there is a creek/river that has been dammed up and that last picture is showing the waterfall created by the damn. In the summer you are able to swim in the creek. The water is super cold. You walk down a huge stair case and into the canyon where the trail is. The trail isn’t long, maybe 1.5 miles. Addison walked the whole thing with the exception of going up a hill or down a hill. She would just stand there and wait to be picked up. But we were proud of her, usually we have to carry her the WHOLE time, see above in Sipsey pictures. But they had a blast in the canyon. They played in the water, skipped rocks, and had boat races with leaves. One of the stepping bridges was all sort of jacked up but we were able to get the kids across, but not back. So I took one for the team and took my socks and shoes off and carried them back over the water. So cold.

We finished hiking and we went up to the camp store. They now have a soda shop with icecream, burgers, and shakes. I read the menu and discovered they have slug burgers. I asked the man about it while checking in and he said they were original slug burgers from Corinth too! I told Michael about it and he said we must eat there. He LOVES a slugburger!  He got himself two slugs, I got a burger, and EK and Addison split some chicken fingers. First time ever to eat out while camping.

After we ate we went back to camp and the girls were exhausted. They asked to take a nap. I said whatevs, not thinking they would, and they rocked an almost 3 hour nap. Michael and I played war and gin rummy and talked. I woke them up at 4. I turned my phone on to see if I could check the radar. I looked the night before and it said mostly clear up till 9. So we decided to pack up the majority of our stuff. We mowed down some red beans and rice for dinner and packed the rest of the stuff in the van.

The night tour started at 7:45. We had a blast and the girls loved playing with the flashlights and “night hiking.” We got back to our camp and put the girls to bed and Michael and I tended the fire and hung out. We were beat and went to bed at 9…and then it started raining. It never did thunder, just a steady drizzle. We woke up and parts of  the tent were soaked. So we threw all bedding in a bag, tore down the tent, and headed out.

We got to the gate and the gate was closed. Oh no. We thought we were going to be stuck till 9:30, but Michael was able to take apart a hinge and we drove out and put it back together. Woo. Didn’t want to be stuck there for 2 hours in the rain!

Anyway, another great place to take kids. I didn’t take a ton of pictures because we have realized that in order to charge phones in the van, the van has to be on. The trailblazer will charge them without the engine being on. I am scared to take my dslr because I broke a camera in the smokies and don’t want to break that one.

We are heading to Starkville in 2 weeks for Super Bulldog Weekend. Then towards the end of April another camping trip to Pinnacle Mtn for Michael’s 50 miler in Arkansas. Then after that, I have a week of planting flowers…then after that, school is almost over. Holy moly.

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